Poets' Corner: Joanna Spindler On Days Of Miracles & Blunders!

Joanna Spindler is the Adult Programs Specialist at Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library. She is also Poet Laureate, San Miguel County.

You know how it can be with all the family gathered together over the holidays. One wrong move, one smart (read snarky) remark and someone leaves the table in tears. The whole game changes, however, if everyone stays put and tears are from laughter.

As Joanna says: These holly daze are “Days of Miracles & Blunders,” as follows:

Joanna Spindler, pearls before, umm, wine at Thanksgiving.

Lost keys.
That pesky hangnail.
The appointments that we all forget to make.

Mistake after mistake,
so seldom perfect, always floppy.
Being human is a mess, I tell you.

It’s the truth; we’re all just visiting.
Accidental mashups made of molecules
and follicules and teeth and stuff,

electrified, emotional,
and maybe bad at math.

But somehow-
somehow, yet-
we dream.
And rattlin’ round our silly skulls
are all the songs we’ve ever heard,
maybe word for word,
and full of joy.

Take a sec, look down your arms
at your good hands. Within you beats
a heart of meat and gold,
and air runs through you much like love.
Here you are, and may I say

That you!
You are the drop,
the last outlandish drop,
that overfills the cup of mortals
and spills us-
fully into Wonder.

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