Poets' Corner: Feela For Thanksgiving!

As Americans gather for our annual Thanksgiving feast, many are sharpening their rhetorical knives while others are preparing to bury their heads in the mashed potatoes. Still others – like not-regular-enough contributor David Feela –  find reasons, however quirky, to be grateful.

As follows…

David Feela

Why I Am Grateful

My side of the bed
is mine, like a territory
unconquered by armies,
unchallenged for centuries,
painted one plain map color,
agreed on by history,
unrefined by cartographers,
forgotten by students
who study any small throne
through the telescope
of their own lives.
I covet no other bed.
I love my wife.
All that is mine is hers
except my side of the bed.
When the time comes right
she knows my side of the bed
is mine, and she returns
to sleep over there, in her country
where even I know enough
not to take what is hers
for mine.

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