Telluride Choral Society: WinterSing, Auditions + Rehearsal Schedule Announced!

Telluride Choral Society performing at Christ Church

Telluride Choral Society: WinterSing, Auditions + Rehearsal Schedule Announced!

The following is a note from Telluride Choral Society (TCS) artistic director Hal Adler.

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Telluride Choral Society

Telluride Choral Society, WinterSing

Hey all,

Hoping your summers have been sweet! Ours have been filled with much hiking, biking and feeling all around lucky to be in this amazing place. (And lots of work days too.) ????

Definitely missing ya’ll and really looking forward to singing together…

So, a couple of heads-ups/updates for you as we move into Fall:

• To those that sang last Spring, thank you again for participating in the singer survey. By far, the most predominant theme was the suggestion to more clearly differentiate the musical challenge level between Chorale and Chamber. And, I agree.

• The first step will be a group audition one week ahead of our first regular rehearsal. (Dates below). This is for Chamber Singers ONLY. Chorale is non-auditioned. The process will be simple. Anyone interested in auditioning for Chamber Singers, please come for the group audition ready to sing. I’ll be sending pages from a score via email attachment well ahead of rehearsal. Please come to this audition studied and ready to go! There will be no sight singing, but your level of readiness and preparedness will matter.

• The group audition will feel like a rehearsal to you. We’ll basically run through a piece, but I’ll be watching and listening for 3 things: Overall musicality (phrasing, dynamics, communication of lyrics), preparedness and most importantly, blend.

• The intention for Chamber Singers is to have a smaller group – 12 to 16 – of very finely tuned singers. Repertoire will be more significantly more challenging than Chorale, but all tonal and accessible. The group will be re-auditioned at the start of every season, reassessing for blend and to invite new singers to audition.

• Chorale repertoire will be very accessible and less challenging and should be fun for anyone to join, regardless of singing experience. Chorale will (of course) not be auditioned.

• We are still interviewing for Children’s Choirs Directors, so let us know if you know anyone who might be interested!

Important WinterSing dates: 5:30-7:00 Choral; 7:10-8:00 Chamber. Location- same: Christ Presbyterian Church.

Sept 21- Wednesday group audition for Chamber Singers. (More info on the way.)

Regular rehearsals begin:

Sept 28- Wednesday
Oct 5- Wednesday
Oct 12- Wednesday
Oct 19- Wednesday
Oct 26- Wednesday
Nov 2 Wednesday
Nov 9 Wednesday
Nov 16- Wednesday
(Skip Thanksgiving Week)
Nov 30- Wednesday (last “notes” rehearsal)
Dec 4- Sunday (special time, 4:00-6:30)
Dec 7- Wednesday
Dec 9- Friday Performance
Dec 11- Sunday Performance

Please be ready to commit to making all rehearsals, with excused absences of 2 or less.

WinterSing Program selections, (not yet in program order):


Angel’s Choir- John Rutter
Indodana- Trdl South African Song, arr Michael Barrett and Ralf Schmitt
Hallelujah Choir, from Handel’s Messiah

Chamber Singers:

Oculi Omnium- Bob Chilcott
O Nata Lux- Morten Lauridsen
Oseh Shalom- Nurit Hirsh, Arr Elaine Broad-Ginsberg

All w/children:

Little Drummer Boy

All w/audience:

O Holy Night
Hark! the Heralds Angels Sing

Thanks all- Hope to see you soon!

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