Telluride Arts, Transfer Warehouse: Meet the Team – Silman Structural Engineers!

Telluride Arts, Transfer Warehouse: Meet the Team – Silman Structural Engineers!

After 10 years of dreaming, planning, designing, and countless hours of community meetings, the Telluride Transfer Warehouse Project is full steam ahead. Fundraising efforts are now in full force as Telluride Arts approaches its October deadline. Every dollar counts! Please reach out to learn about ways to invest, including the option to make a up to 5-year pledges!

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Meet the team.

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Rendering by Olson Kundig Architects.

“Work on the best projects. Support great architecture. Provide the highest level of technical excellence. Find joy in what we do.”- Bob Silman.

Creating, renewing, preserving, sustaining. That has been the vision of Silman since their beginning as a one-person, New York-based practice back in 1966. Since then, Silman has grown to a staff of more than 160 across six offices located in New York, Washington DC, Boston, MA, Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL, and Los Angeles, CA. To provide the highest quality structural engineering services possible, the company has fostered an approach centered on constant collaboration among owners, architects, and other consultants.

Silman Structural Engineers have developed a special expertise in the intricate engineering issues posed by historic buildings like the Telluride Transfer Warehouse. Telluride Arts is proud to partner with Silman as they lend their expertise to both structural investigations of the site, as well as the implementation of best practices for the preservation of the historic sandstone walls.

The Transfer Warehouse has a top-notch team working to ensure the best preservation and program outcome possible. Stay tuned to learn more about each of them! And visit the Telluride Arts website to see the approved designs by Olson Kundig Architects.

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