Slate Gray North: NAVALNY, Daniel Roher for Art Walk & Film Fest, through 9/5 only!

Slate Gray North: NAVALNY, Daniel Roher for Art Walk & Film Fest, through 9/5 only!

As of June 1, Slate Gray Gallery assumed the lease for 130 East Colorado Avenue, the original location of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, (now Slate Gray South). The venue will feature rotating shows. Slate Gray North, 209 East Colorado, will display works by artists from both stables on rotation – except for the September 1 Art Walk.

In honor of the Telluride Film Festival, (September 2 – September 5), the venue features a pop-up art exhibition of behind-the-scenes sketches by Daniel Roher, director of NAVALNY, the award-winning documentary about the shocking attempted assassination of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, from CNN Films and HBO Max. Across the street, Slate Gray South is featuring three artists in two shows: “Efflorescence” and “Place to Place.” (More on those shows here.)

Note: Roher will be in attendance, signing the accompanying book made about his experience making the film, and providing original drawings.

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Roher’s sketches for the multimedia exhibition are a special selection of behind-the-scenes depictions of Alexei Navalny’s time in exile while making the film, and a view into the dangerous political dynamics that preceded and followed Alexei Navalny’s poisoning, as well as the high tech investigation into who was responsible.

Roher’s acclaimed film follows the anti-corruption campaigner and former Russian presidential candidate as he unpacks a conspiracy to poison him, and reflects upon his vision for the future of Russia.

Roher filmed Alexei Navalny as he worked to uncover the truth behind his poisoning in 2020. The artwork was created by Roher during the making of the film, and was essenttial to his creative process.



The series is composed entirely of drawings, paintings, doodles and gum wrappers from 18 Sketchbooks created between September 2020 and June 2022.

Each piece is 2ft x 3ft and was printed on museum-quality, archival paper. Each image will feature 10 limited editions prints only.

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