Second Chance: Mature Cats Need Love Too!

Second Chance: Mature Cats Need Love Too!

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So. Many. Kittens! We are staying here at Second Chance, and our world is overrun with kittens. Sure, they’re cute. They’ve got those sweet little faces and fuzzy little paws. But they’re also exhausting!

We’re the more mature residents here, and we’d love to have someone visit us and take us home! Let us introduce ourselves.


I’m Harbor- a chill senior lady looking for my forever home. I’m currently in foster care but may have to go back to the shelter if I don’t find my forever home soon. I’m not looking forward to that as I’m enjoying all the love and salmon pate myself right now. My hobbies include the occasional pickleball game (playing with a foil ball), hunting furry toys, catnaps, and catnip happy hours.


Kiki is my name, looking beautiful is my game. I’m a mature gal, who doesn’t look or act it. I take pride in my luxurious long black coat, I will mesmerize you with my gorgeous eyes, and I like to play with toys and watch the birds outside. I also enjoy riddles.


Hi, I’m Tebow. I don’t throw passes- but I will be your MVP. I’m a big, gray tabby who is in my later years. Although I have diabetes, I’m otherwise healthy and happy. I’m an absolute lover. I would be happy to sit on your lap, take naps with you, and give you my commentary about the NFL season.

One-eyed Jack

They call me One-eyed Jack. Sounds like I’m an outlaw, but really, I’m just an old guy who would love to spend my time in a sunny spot on the floor. I’ve had a tough life, which is why I only have one eye. The folks here at Second Chance also found that my kidneys are not in great shape. But, despite it all, I am affectionate, and loving, and will purr as long as you will pet me.


I’m Sunny- and my name fits my personality. I have long black and white fur, and the cutest markings on my face- I have half a mustache to go with my black nose. I’d love to be your sunshine, by brightening every day with my presence in your life.


You can call me Bud. I’m a very typical yellow, male cat (many people believe we have the best personalities). I’m mellow, affectionate, smart, and just a little bit lazy. I’d be happy to lay around in a cat bed, on a windowsill, in your lap, or next to your chair while you work. Let me be your buddy.


I’m Fergie, and no, I was never British royalty. I am an older gal, who would love to be your pet. I arch my back and roll over to get petted in just the right spots. I love other cats and would appreciate your attention and affection for my remaining years. Want to meet for tea?

Why would you want a mature feline? We know how to occupy ourselves while you’re at work. Also, you can teach an old cat new tricks – mature cats have the attention span and impulse control that makes us easier to train than kittens. We are usually content to just relax in your company and we make great napping buddies.

When mature cats are adopted, we seem to understand that we’ve been rescued. We show our gratitude every day.

AND… To continue the Second Chance Highlights section, we want to share the following:

Helping Community Cats

We all know the stereotype of the crazy cat lady. We may know someone who fits that stereotype- maybe even the person in the mirror.

In reality, there are many cats in the world fending for themselves, which is distressing for any animal lover. In our area, there are many feral cat colonies, and the problem is growing. Concerned cat lovers can help stray cats by getting them spayed and neutered.

Spaying and neutering feral cats is most successful when done as Trap/Neuter/Return or TNR, where cats are sterilized and returned to their colony. In most cases, feral cats will never be tame companion pets. But, controlling the growth of colonies can make managing the health and well-being of those cats more viable. Studies have shown that TNR is much more effective at controlling feral populations than catch-and-kill programs. Catch and kill policies aren’t just cruel and ineffective, they go against what the public wants: humane approaches to cats.


If you need help spaying and neutering feral cats, we have special pricing. Contact our veterinary services team: (970) 626-9713 or

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