Slate Gray North: Heather Benjamin Jewelry, Trunk Show Starts 7/25!

Slate Gray North: Heather Benjamin Jewelry, Trunk Show Starts 7/25!

Slate Gray Gallery presents… Heather Benjamin Jewelry, Trunk Show, Slate Gray North, starts July 22nd at 2pm. Heather will be in attendance. Her brand stands for Bohemian chic • Ethically sourced • Natural elements.

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Heather Benjamin Jewelry seeks to share experiences far from the beaten path. Her designs are inspired by the rituals, symbols and narratives observed during her travels. The metal artist is also heavily influenced by cultural diversity, anthropology and photography. Bottom line: A global worldview guides Heather’s creative process.

The traditional artisanship of Bali is central to the Heather Benjamin aesthetic. The line was conceived and is crafted in Bali, Heather’s second home and creative universe. It is through a deep collaboration with her team of artisans that her truly unique pieces are hand-made.



Distinct orbital patterns of jasper from coastal Madagascar, naturally shed deer antler, topographic-patterns, sliced-banded agates born from Volcanic rock,  shell, chalcedony, fossil and agate, these are the sustainable and ethically sourced elements that Heather Benjamin Jewelry uses to build her timeless collection. Each piece one-of-a-kind and framed in recycled silver or gold.

“The heart of my creations is engagement with the natural world – connecting us to beauty at its purest level. My wish is that the relationship to nature, via sustainable mineral and metal will promote the awareness and compassion so deeply needed for our planet and its beings to thrive.”- Heather Benjamin

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