Slate Gray North: 2 Stables Combines for 1 Major Group Show!

Slate Gray North: 2 Stables Combines for 1 Major Group Show!

Effective June 1, Slate Gray Gallery assumed the lease for 130 East Colorado Avenue, the original location of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, (now Slate Gray South). The venue will feature rotating shows. Slate Gray North, 209 East Colorado, will display works by artists from both stables on rotation.

For more on Slate Gray’s history, go here.

Notes From A Sumer Evening, by Karen Scharer.

Slate Gray North and Slate Gray South feature a wide variety of contemporary art and distinctive studio jewelers. Both venues are all about engaging and promoting the work of local and regional artists and jewelers alongside international names, so everyone can continue to live and create in the places they love.

What has not changed with the merger is the spirit of philanthropy that defined Slate Gray from the get-go. That means money made from sales of the work at Slate Gray Galleries goes right back out the door and into the community to support arts-based nonprofits.

Throughout the summer season, Slate Gray North will showcase all artists from both venues on a rotating basis.

Specifically, for Telluride Arts’ July Art Walk, Slate Gray North will feature works by Andrew Brown, Alexandra Eldridge, Fran J Nagy, Karen Scharer and John Self, alongside major artists from the former Telluride Gallery, including Nicholas Bernard, Christian Burchard, Krista Harris, Shawna Moore and Lisa Pressman.

The show is designed to celebrate Slate Gray Gallery’s 7th year in business in Telluride, where now, with two addresses, more is more!

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