Mountain Village: 1st “Phygital” Public Art Installation Soon, 7/12- 9/2022!

Mountain Village: 1st “Phygital” Public Art Installation Soon, 7/12- 9/2022!

The Town of Mountain Village puts out the word: Telluride’s First “Phygital” (Physical + Digital Art) Public Art Installation coming soon, part of Telluride’s Art + Architecture Event: “The Unknown Zone: Telluride,” 7/12-9/2022.

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Brooke Einbender at work. Photo credit Nathan Rist.

On July 12, one of the world’s top destination resorts, Telluride, Colorado, unveils its first-ever phygital (physical + digital) public art installation in the Town of Mountain Village. The work is part of the local Art + Architecture event, a program of Telluride Arts.

Fine artist, Brooke Einbender, a.k.a. “Mindbender Art,” is the visionary behind “The Unknown Zone,’ a public art and NFT project featuring large-scale installations of reclaimed doors layered with cutting-edge tech and interactive experiences.

“Fresh off Art Basel, TEDxVail, and an artist residency in Ophir, Einbender is Telluride’s ‘It Artist’ for all things digital: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, NFTs, projection mapping, video…”Shelter Magazine.

The installation features 10 reclaimed doors, sourced from the local Telluride community, each reimagined into double-sided works of fine art. Each door is hand-painted and embellished with intricate designs fashioned from reclaimed materials. The back of each door features an excerpt from a collection of original poems written by artist and sound healer, Clare Hedin.

Photo credit Nathan Rist

‘The Unknown Zone: Telluride’ NFT door collection will launch in August 2022 – each physical door in the installation has a “digital twin” 3D model minted as an NFT. These digital fine art assets are accompanied by an edition of 333 NFT Cosmic Door Keys. Like a raffle, one of these NFT Keys unlocks a highly imaginative and valuable NFT Mystery Door. NFT Key and Door holders receive exclusive access to “The Unknown Zone’s virtual world of portals, a multi-sensory experience, accessible by computer or Virtual Reality headset, featuring Einbender’s digital art accompanied by Hedin’s original soundscapes and poems.

‘The Unknown Zone: Telluride” public art installation will be installed along Mountain Village’s “Boulevard Trail,” a 2.5 mile trail beginning at Mountain Village Blvd & HWY 145 and ending in Mountain Village’s Plaza core. Two doors will be placed in front of Black Iron at The Madeline Hotel and near Reflection Plaza. Each door is fitted with a custom steel frame fabricated by Telluride artist, Chris Robison.

“The work that Brooke is doing is exploring new territory for the future of public and digital art in Telluride, Mountain Village and beyond… she is leaving a legacy,” said Ann Barker, Director, Telluride Art + Architecture.

‘The Unknown Zone” public art installation is made possible by the support of Telluride’s prestigious Art + Architecture Week July 11-17 and is supported by the Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association (TMVOA). The installation will be on view from July 12-September 2022 in Mountain Village.

Throughout the Art + Architecture week, Einbender will be leading sessions for artists and collectors about the new frontier of NFTs. She will also release her “Telluride Portals” NFT photo series. For the past year, Brooke has been collaborating with local Telluride photographers to capture images of each one of her doors beautifully staged in nature.

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After this genesis “phygital” public art installation, Einbender will travel to different regions around the globe to collect reclaimed doors and build a site-specific installation in each area, as well as in the Metaverse.

Unknown Zone, Photo credit Nathan Rist.


Brooke Einbender is a multidisciplinary artist whose work blends several practices, including painting, virtual reality, augmented reality, installation, and video, to collectively form an Unknown Zone of art.

Brooke is a leading pioneer in the exploration of virtual reality, establishing new frontiers at the intersection of art and technology in the context of its impact on human consciousness.

Brooke creates mind-bending experiences and paintings that are designed to transport the viewer to different inter-spatial dimensions.

Learn more at


“The Unknown Zone” establishes new frontiers in the space where art and technology meet in the context of its impact on consciousness.


Clare Hedin is a multidisciplinary artist, with an emphasis on sound, connection, healing and creativity. She explores communication as a way to track levels of consciousness and what might be possible next.

Singer/songwriter, painter, writer, and sound healer, Clare researches our evolving consciousness, exploring the nature of being through energy awareness and deep listening. Her focus is on developing the innate creativity which comes naturally to each of us. All this is underpinned by her impulse to protect Earth and deepen our relationship to Earth’s aliveness and life’s sentience!

Clare performs and speaks at conferences and other events and has taught Creativity & Innovation at SFSU. She currently teaches online and in-person, as well as through her original online teaching platform, “Dynamic Emergence.”

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