VAUDEVILLE Returns to Telluride Transfer Warehouse 6/23!

VAUDEVILLE Returns to Telluride Transfer Warehouse 6/23!

After a multi-year hiatus, Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library is thrilled to announce the return of the beloved, rollicking Vaudeville Night at the Transfer Warehouse, 7-9pm on Thursday, June 23d. This is a night of poetry, dance, music, comedy and more! For further details, please contact Joanna Spindler at

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Curated by Telluride Theatre and hosted under the balmy summer sky in Telluride Arts’ beautiful Transfer Warehouse, Vaudeville is a night to celebrate the talent and magic of local performers. Stop by, enjoy a drink, and enjoy the variety show, free and open to all.

“The Oxford dictionary defines Vaudeville as ‘a type of entertainment popular chiefly in the US in the early 20th century, featuring a mixture of specialty acts such as burlesque comedy, song and dance,'” said Joanna Spindler, Adult Programs Specialist at the Wilkinson Public Library. “In our community, we’re surrounded by a whole cast of amazing performers, some of whose talents you might never guess. Vaudeville Night is a fantastic time to shine a spotlight on some truly wonderful local performing artists. Vaudeville Night is just one fun part of the library’s Adult Summer Program theme, Library at Large, a way to celebrate our many amazing community members and collaborators. We’re so thankful to Telluride Arts for sharing the Transfer Warehouse with us, and to Telluride Theatre for curating the talent.”

Sasha Cucciniello, Artistic Director of Telluride Theatre, says:

“Telluride Theatre is so excited to collaborate with the Wilkinson Public library on their Vaudeville Night. Traditionally, Vaudeville is a show with a mixture of acts – and we have just that showcasing music, comedy, burlesque, poetry, and dance. With over 14 performers it will be a fun-filled evening celebrating our local talent and community.”

Telluride Arts’ Executive Director, Kate Jones, adds: “We are so excited that this Telluride Transfer Warehouse tradition that showcases so much local talent is back!”

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