Telluride Yoga Fest: Two-Week Countdown!

Telluride Yoga Fest: Two-Week Countdown!

The Telluride Yoga Festival (TYF), June 23 – June 26, is excited to share news about its schedule, plus immersions and lineup. And now, we are at the two-week countdown. It’s a special thing when our little mountain town gets taken over by yogis – there’s something about the overall vibe that grows lighter and happier. 

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Erika Henschel, director, Telluride Yoga Festival.


9am ~ Golden Glitter: Let Your Kundalini Rise – Faith Hunter
Faith is a spiritual powerhouse – she will light you up and you will soar!

1pm ~ Nourish | Restore – Janet Stone
Start your weekend right by resetting your nervous system and let go of tension.

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8am ~ Root. Connect. Activate – Kia Miller, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda
Anytime you have Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda accompanying a class it is sweet and powerful…and Kia has beauty and love in her breath.

10am ~ Soul to Soul Sound-Off – Janet Stone & DJ Taz
It’ll be our first ever sound-off experience, so put those headphones on and let Taz & Janet move you!

12pm ~ Power to the Pelvis – Lara Heimann, PT
She’s an amazing physical therapist and yogi – she knows what she’s talking about and is the real deal. Get in before this fills up!

2pm ~ Wood Element Yin – Kali Basman, Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel founded the amazing group Elephant Revival and Kali is a TYF favorite. Practicing on the outdoor lawn with these two…perfection.

4pm ~ Detoxify to Amplify! – Amy Ippoliti & DJ Taz
Get after your sparkle through Amy’s sensational blend of feel-good twists, hip mobility poses, and lateral side bends.

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8am ~ Break Through to You – Tommy Rosen
Come as you are and leave even more so. Who doesn’t that speak to?

10am ~ Gravity as Therapy – Tias Little
This is yoga for longevity and especially good for those who could use relief in their back and hips.

12pm ~ Hike Bear Creek – Shevi Miller
JUST ADDED! An incredible breath worker and local, Shevi will be your perfect companion on this local favorite.

2pm ~ Love Notes – Faith Hunter
Pulled from the “Love Notes” section in Faith’s newly released book, “Spiritually Fly: Wisdom Meditation and Yoga to Elevate Your Soul.” Yes, please!

4pm ~ Discussion: Healing our Hearts & Creating a Non-Violent World
Waylon Lewis will lead this free community panel discussion with an incredible panel to discuss this important, timely, and relevant topic.

8pm ~ Krishna Das: Journey of the Heart Concert
We are grateful to have Krishna Das for a live and in-person event that’s been years in the making!

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8am ~ Sunday Yoga Service Flow – Donny Starkins
Sunday morning yoga church!

10am ~ Flourish: Yoga Self-Care for Thriving – Gina Caputo
This flow class with awesome playlist will leave you feeling courageous, resourceful, and resilient – we love everything about Gina and this class.

12pm ~ Relax. Restore. Renew. – Karl Straub
Trust us…you’ll fall in love with Karl. His energy is sweet & hysterical, and he’s never missed a TYF (except 2021 due to travel restrictions from Europe).

2pm ~ Elements of a Complete Life Practice – Allison Dennis
Take notes on how to make your practice a daily one, what a home practice looks like, and more.

4pm ~ Sound Bath: Activate Your Divine Nature – Steven Veillette
Now it’s time to relax, take it in and end the weekend with an immersive sound journey from the top of the mountain.

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