Telluride Theatre: The Gala, Secret Party with Secret Location, 7/2!

Telluride Theatre: The Gala, Secret Party with Secret Location, 7/2!

THE GALA, A Fundraiser for Telluride Theatre. A Secret Party with a Secret (Mountain Village) Location. ONE NIGHT – ONE OF A KIND. Saturday, July 2 @ 6pm. AGES: 21+ only. The evening includes: Dinner + Cocktails; Immersive Art; Performance; Live Music; Experiential Theatre; Silent & Live Auction. Instructions and more details about what to expect follows ticket purchase.

For more information please contact Sasha Cucciniello, 970-708-3934.

Tickets can be purchased at

The Telluride Theatre Gala is a summer party to end all parties. For five years this secret, themed event has entertained in true Telluride Theatre fashion, with experiential performance, installation art, music, dance and so much more. Each year a new theme is chosen, and the night unfolds incorporating the through-line into every aspect of the experience. Past themes have included Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, The Trip and Mountaintop Bigtop.

Artistic Director Sasha Cucciniello and Board President Ashley Story have worked together to build the event over the last few years.

Sasha says about planning:

“I wanted to do something totally different for 2022 and was inspired by the space we chose. This may be the weirdest, most fun Gala yet. I am so excited to share what we are rehearsing. Ashley and I have built this into a major fundraiser for Telluride Theatre, but we also love it as the truly special event it has become. I treat it as its own show and plan everything to give our audience an incredible night, a true immersive theatrical experience.”

A generous grant from Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association will bring the Gala to Mountain Village:

“We have never done the Gala in the Town of Mountain Village. I am so excited to have an accessible space and to work together with TMVOA to make it happen.”

An elegant night with delectable dinner/desserts, craft cocktails, pop-up performance, silent and live-auction, music and fun!

Telluride Theatre, more:

Telluride Theatre is your theatre – for and by our community. Beyond staging year-round live performance, Telluride Theatre is home to over 100 local artists – performers, musicians, dancers, designers, visual artists, writers who create an artistic community that adds vibrancy and creativity to Telluride.

Telluride Theatre provides year-round educational opportunities to both children and adults.

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