Telluride Arts: Hearing Is Believing. Warehouse Sound Simulation In The Works!

Telluride Arts puts out the word: Imagine being able to hear what the Transfer Warehouse will sound like both inside and outside once the building is complete. That is what acoustic engineers at Arup SoundLab are enabling Telluride Arts to do!

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Arup SoundLab has been used to inform the design of some of the world’s best arts and culture venues. They also use it alongside advanced technologies such as visualization to let clients experience major infrastructure projects during the design process, shaping better design outcomes.

SoundLab’s sound simulations (auralisations) can demonstrate the impact that the restored Warehouse will have on our neighborhood through the direct, objective experience of future sound levels so we can ensure the most efficient and effective acoustic solutions.

The Transfer Warehouse has a top-notch team working to ensure the best preservation and program outcome possible. Stay tuned to learn more about each of them!  Visit the website to see the approved designs by Olson Kundig Architects.

Fundraising efforts are in full force as Telluride Arts approaches an October deadline.

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Every dollar counts! Up to 5-year pledges are most welcome!


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