Second Chance: What’s That Loud Noise?!

Second Chance: What’s That Loud Noise?!

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Bang! Pop! Screeeeech! Boom! While you, your friends, and family enjoy the July 4th festivities, please don’t forget about keeping your furry friends safe and calm.

People ooh and ahh at fireworks, but unexpected loud noises tend to have the opposite effect on us pets. Dogs who are afraid of fireworks can dig under or jump over fences, break tethers or even shatter windows in response. Cats associate loud noises with danger, so they can become very stressed on Independence Day.

The noises and flashes can cause dogs and cats to run off in a panic. That’s why more pets go missing on July 4th than on any other day of the year. Shelters are on high alert for pets who have run away from fireworks noises and can’t find their way back home. It’s dangerous for pets to be running scared in the dark. Every year pets are involved in road accidents after being spooked by fireworks.

The best thing you can do for your scaredy cat (or dog) is to make the day as un-July 4th-like as possible. Even if your pet has never been stressed by loud noises, don’t leave them outside and unattended on this holiday. Just in case (for this day and everyday), make sure that your pets are microchipped (available through our low-cost community veterinary services program) and have a secure collar with identification.

If your pet does go missing, check the neighborhood (especially places where they may be hiding such as under decks, in garages, etc), call us to make a report, and post information about your missing pet on platforms such as Nextdoor and Facebook.

This may seem obvious, but always keep pets away from fireworks (including in your own backyard). Some will chase after the bright moving objects and are at risk of being burned or blinded in the process. Fireworks also contain substances that are toxic if ingested, so be sure to keep unlit fireworks out of reach, too.

When you have your pet safe in the house, close the curtains to block out the flashes of light. You can also turn on some music, the television, or a fan to drown out the noise. You might encourage your pet to seek the comfort of a dark and quiet space in the house such as a closet or basement.

If your pet has a history of severe anxiety (of the launching through windows or crawling up the walls kind), you might check with your vet about a mild sedative. You could also try “Rescue Remedy” (a natural flower essence that works well on anxious pets and is available at most health food markets) or pet CBD calming products. There are also products like Thunder Shirts that help pets with anxious situations.

Another tip to try is to attempt distracting your pet in a positive and playful manner, but don’t overdo it. Like a pet’s fear reaction to thunder, offering too much comfort can increase your pet’s anxiety. Maintain a positive mood while comforting a scared and anxious pet. Sometimes it’s best to just let him or her hide under the bed or in the basement. Check on them periodically, but don’t make too much of a fuss. They’ll come out when the kabooms stop.


My name is Trey. I’m a handsome 1-year-old Labrador mix. I have plenty of energy, and l want to please my people. I love walks, and I’m very well-mannered on a leash. I prefer to make friends with female dogs.

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Do You Love Our Thrift Shops?

We Do!

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to help us is to donate and shop at our thrift shops?

Second Chance Thrift Shops are one of our most important sources of funds, generating nearly 2/3 of our operating budget. Shops in Ridgway and Telluride are a treasure hunt every time you visit. To keep our shops the places where you like to shop and give, here are a few tips for both donors and shoppers.

We appreciate your donations! They truly are a lifeline for us.

All donations should be re-sellable. That means, to help us generate the funds for our work, we need to sell items people want to buy and use. With that in mind, please donate good, current, clean items. If it’s broken or stained, we’re not able to resell it. Think of it this way; if you wouldn’t use it, wear it or give it to someone you care about – it’s probably not something we can sell.

Always confirm donation hours before coming by to drop off. Donate things we accept*, including: good quality clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, sporting equipment, household items, books, decor, pet supplies, furniture, luggage, tools, lawn and garden, collectibles, antiques, and artwork.

Our Paws for Art Gallery in Ridgway sells donated artwork, antiques, and collectibles. It’s a wonderful place!

If you’ve been to our thrift shops, you understand that space is limited. This means that our Telluride shop can’t accept furniture or other large items. Furniture and large item donations should be approved in advance. Please email a photo to the Ridgway Thrift Shop to start the conversation.

Shopping at our thrift shops is different every time! Our goal is to keep things moving out the door, and that means you will find new items every time you stop by. We price our merchandise fairly, after many years of learning what sells and what prices are appropriate. We hope you find a treasure or two and maybe include a little extra donation for our pets.

*We do not accept mattresses, box springs, bed frames, pillows, sofa beds, large desks, large appliances, car seats, booster seats, motorcycle helmets, computers, computer monitors,  printers, scanners,  laptops, notebook computers, VCR’s, any video display with a screen larger than 4 inches, fax machines, light bulbs, or cribs. If you are unsure about a donation please call the Thrift Shop at (970) 626-3233 (Ridgway) or (970) 728-1100 (Telluride) for assistance.

Ridgway Thrift Shop
309 Sherman Street
Mon – Sat: 10 – 5pm
Sunday: 12-5 pm
(970) 626-3233

Telluride Thrift Shop
335 W. Colorado Avenue (Main Street)
Mon – Sun 10am – 5pm
(970) 728-1100

Paws for Art Gallery
Across from Ridgway Thrift Shop
Fri, Sat, Sun noon to 4pm (or by request)

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