Balloon Fest: Glow Tonight, Main Street, 6 – 8 p.m.

Balloon Fest: Glow Tonight, Main Street, 6 – 8 p.m.

“If you hold my hand we’ll chase your dream across the sky/For we can fly, we can fly” (Fifth Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away,” (1967).

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Icarus tried it, but he got too close to the sun and crashed. Hopefully the pilots coming to Telluride will have better luck.

This weekend marks the return of the  annual Telluride Balloon Festival.

“I guess the appeal is the wonderful feeling of drifting along with the breeze,” said one pilot. “We’ve all had dreams of flying or floating. Balloon pilots make those dreams come true. Like sailing, ballooning has everything to do with the wind and being out in nature, which I love. Ballooning is also very social: you meet people from all over the world and get to visit lots of wonderful places like Telluride.”

This year, participating pilots are from Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and most have been flying in this event for many years.

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