Telluride Arts & Transfer Warehouse: Green Light!

Telluride Arts & Transfer Warehouse: Green Light!

Telluride Arts is thrilled to announce that after 10 years of dreaming, planning, designing, and countless hours of community meetings, the Telluride Transfer Warehouse Project has been fully approved and given the green light!

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Telluride Arts is excited to finalize this phase of the project this year – and turn its attention toward the arts and cultural programming that will be possible in the future space, a phoenix.

What has Telluride Arts been doing for so long, you ask?

Here’s a snapshot!

1979: The roof collapses. The Lifton-Zoline family stabilizes the building and sets into motion a vision for its transformation into a cultural center.

2012: Cultural Master Plan priority: “Build an Arts Center”
2014: Warehouse and surrounding lots sell to a developer.
2014: Planning for a Telluride Arts Center begins.
2014: Volunteers clear out the Warehouse; host Art + Architecture event.
2015: Town receives development proposal for Transfer lots.
2015: Telluride Arts’ opens the doors, and throws the first community party!
2016: Town approves Telluride Arts’ “Preliminary Program Summary” (Exhibit B)
2017: Design competition, community open-house, selection of LTL Architects design.
2017: Presentation of LTL’s (ERCW) concept at HARC and State Historic Trust.
2017: Town approves ‘Expanded Restoration Completion Work’ (ERCW) scope.
2017: Telluride Arts oversees the restoration and temporary stabilization of existing walls.
2018: Town ratifies “Preliminary Program Summary” for Warehouse. (Exhibit B)
2018: Purchase by Telluride Arts from the developer is complete.
2019: Telluride Arts makes the final payment on the purchase.
2020: COVID strikes! Warehouse opens to the community, provides “Proof of Concept”.
2021: Design shift for ERCW. New architects, Olson-Kundig, hired.
2022: State Historic Trust design approval.
2022: HARC and P&Z Roof design approval.
2022: HARC and P&Z: Certificate of Appropriateness granted.
2022: HARC and P&Z Zoning Incentives approval.

October 2022: Required funding and approvals completion date.

October 2024: Required project completion date.

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