Mountainfilm: U.S. Premiere, “Sam Now,” A Must-See!

Mountainfilm: U.S. Premiere, “Sam Now,” A Must-See!

The stoke is at an all-time high as Mountainfilm returns to an in-person festival over Memorial Day weekend in Telluride, May 26 – May 30, followed by the After the Fest Online, May 31 – June 7.

Mountainfilm 2022 boasts 128 films, including 23 world and U.S. premieres during its first fully in-person fest since 2019. “Sam Now,” is one of them. See below for a review by Point of View Magazine and the trailer. Early buzz suggests this one is a must-see.

Passes for both the in-person festival and After the Fest Online are now available for purchase here.

How to Mountainfilm (includes avoiding the lines by reserving programs in advance) is here.

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Sam Harkness was a typical kid in 1990s Seattle—a bit hyperactive, funny, very close with his brother Jared and half-brother Reed—when in his early teens, his mother Jois (pronounced Joyce) suddenly disappeared. A police investigation eventually turned up trumps, revealing that Jois was fine but didn’t want to be in contact with her family anymore. Jared took it hard as did Jois’ ex-husband and mother-in-law, but Sam seemed to take in stride, playing the lead in Reed’s increasingly elaborate Super-8 movies and creating his own costumed hero persona The Blue Panther. But after several years without her, Reed sprang the big question to his brother, ‘Shouldn’t the Blue Panther find his mother?’

Reed and Sam go on the road in classic American style from Seattle to Long Beach, California and then up the coast to Oregon, with their search turning out not to be terribly difficult before they find Jois. More problematic for Sam—and Reed captured this beautifully in footage shot at the time—is his negotiated entry back into Jois’ new life. It’s astonishing how easily that occurs.

Jois welcomes him back and even returns to visit her old family in Seattle, filled with embraces and no explanations. Though they’re all a bit astonished, the Harkness family takes Jois back as if she’d left in a more conventional way, perhaps because they’re so pleased that the boys have their mother back. The big question, of course, is why did Jois disappear?…

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