Camp V, Naturita: Launching New Planet Fest, 5/26 – 5/30!

Camp V, Naturita: Launching New Planet Fest, 5/26 – 5/30!

Planet V is a new boutique festival created by CampV. The weekend offers participants an immersive experience in music, art, Lake V pond days, art workshops and desert night fire installations featuring unique performers.

Through the non-profit WEarts, this freshman gathering is a celebration set in an intimate location at the newly opened CampV.

Headlining Planet V is Fleetmac Wood, Denver-based Kiltro, SkiiTour, The Sponges and Telluride-based Birds of Play…and more with CampV’s creative participants. The resident art car, The Pariah, sets the stage for world class DJ’s to play while  ttthe artist-in-residence paints against the backdrop of fire dancers, fire wheel and other surprises.

Tickets begin at $365 and include 4 nights of camping, music, Sunday Burlesque Brunch, Silent Discos, art workshops, morning movement optional excursions and out-of-this-world art. 

Through the non-profit WEarts, CampV’s mission is to bring art and art-based performances to the rural landscape as a way to bring everyone together and inspire change. This is a unique setting is set in a rugged and rural part of the state. With the recent closure of the coal-fired power plant, the community is working to transform the economy through outdoor recreation, art, agriculture and food.

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