Telluride Arts: HARC Approves Warehouse Design!

Telluride Arts: HARC Approves Warehouse Design!

With HARC’s approval in place, learn more about investing in the future of the Telluride Transfer Warehouse by visiting Telluride Arts’ website.

Go here to learn more about the Giving Levels.

Go here to email about setting up a meeting with Telluride Art’s director Kate Jones.

Go here to purchase a Transfer Warehouse stone.

Go here for more about the Transfer Warehouse.

After 10 years of community planning for the future of the Telluride Transfer Warehouse, the visionary Olson-Kundig design has been approved by Telluride’s Historic Architecture Review Committee (HARC)!

The new space will have a closable interior area, an open-air courtyard, a rooftop deck, and a full basement. The beloved historic shell will be fully stabilized and remain intact.

Now, Telluride Arts is turning its energy to fundraising for the next generation of the Warehouse.

Telluride Arts is now actively seeking support in hopes of raising the remaining $12,000,000 by October 2022. That fundraising deadline was set forth by the Town. In order to do raise the needed funds, various fundraising levels have been established.

And every dollar counts!

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