Heartbeat at Christ Church: Still crazy after all these years, 5/27!

Heartbeat at Christ Church: Still crazy after all these years, 5/27!

How to make your heart sing? In a word: Heartbeat.

The eight-member women’s a cappella group known as Heartbeat has sung together for 27 years. The ladies had planned a “farewell concert” for June 2020, but with the virus taking hold they were unable to perform at that time.

Over the past few months Heartbeat began singing together again and so were able o put together one more evening of music for friends and community.  The happening takes place at Telluride’s Christ Church on Wednesday, April 27, 7 p.m., when the ladies promise to share some of their favorites, from familiar classics to ethnic rounds.

“Thank you so much to Christ Church and Pat Bailey for offering to let us use the church as our venue. It is a beautiful space and we look forward to gracing it with lovely harmonies,” says Heartbeat.

Heartbeat began harmonizing in Telluride in 1994. Since then, the group has opened the Bluegrass Festival and the Telluride Jazz Celebration, toured to the Blue Sage Theater in Paonia, the Art Center in Moab and the Sand Island Bluegrass Festival in Bluff, Utah.

“Some of our favorite concerts have been the impromptu, such as at the post office, in the bike path tunnel, on the stairwell at the elementary school, even standing in the Gunnison River singing to boaters,” said member Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. “I think that part of what makes our concerts so much fun is that we have a lot of energy and spontaneity every time we perform. We’re up there having a great time making music.”

You will have a great time too.

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