Telluride Arts HQ Gallery Exhibit, Feb: “Historic Treasures of San Juan Mountains,” Up Now!

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery Exhibit, Feb: “Historic Treasures of San Juan Mountains,” Up Now!

From February 2-28, Telluride Arts HQ Gallery is featuring “Historic Treasures of the San Juan Mountains with Thomas Livingstone.” The Art Walk opening reception will be held Thursday, February 3rd, 5-8pm at Telluride Arts HQ Gallery, 135 W Pacific Avenue. The gallery is open most days from 12-6pm or by appointment. For more information about contact Telluride Arts, call 970-728-3930, email, or find the nonprofit online at

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“Historic Treasures of the San Juan Mountains” is a photographic collection of historic mining sites nestled in the remote and rugged mountains of Southwest Colorado. Travel to abandoned mine sites can be difficult due to their remote locations and rugged terrain. Fast-changing weather conditions in mountains that often exceed 12,000 feet in elevation can make getting to the sites an uncomfortable and dangerous adventure. Today, the numerous scattered remnants of the great rush for gold and silver during the latter half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century are slowly decaying and fading away.

Thomas Livingstone made the first effort to document what little is left, so as to help preserve the spirit of the early San Juan mining pioneers who lived and died high in the dramatically beautiful San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado. The result is a unique and beautiful presentation of what once was here, documented at the last moment before many of these treasures disappear.

Growing up in scenic Colorado, Tom Livingstone developed a keen interest in extreme outdoor adventure sports alongside photography.

“On my tenth birthday, my parents gave me my first Nikon camera. Soon after, my pictures were being published in our neighborhood newsletter.”

After attending college as a business major, Tom decided photography was the career he truly wished to pursue. In 1994, he was accepted to the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. After studying commercial photography, Tom was hired to join an exploration team to film and photograph the deepest cavern in the world in Mexico for the Discovery Channel.

In 2011, Tom opened Kendall Mountain Gallery on Blair Street near his home in Silverton, Colorado.

Tom spent seven years trekking and adventuring across the San Juans to capture mining structures among the majestic mountains. He completed the project in 2021.

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