Second Chance: When Valentine’s Day Didn’t Work! + Highlights!

Second Chance: When Valentine’s Day Didn’t Work! + Highlights!

Second Chance Humane Society’s Animal Resource Center and Thrift Shops have been serving San Miguel, Ouray & Montrose Counties for 27 years. Call 626-2273 to report a lost pet, learn about adopting a homeless pet, or about our Emergency Response, Community Medical, Spay/Neuter, Volunteer, or other services. View shelter pets and services online:

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So how was your Valentine’s Day? Full of snuggling, petting, kissing, and purring? Or was it just another Manic Monday? Well, if it was the latter, I am here to give you another chance by declaring this Valentine’s Week (but don’t worry, we won’t tell Hallmark…). Life is short and if you can’t celebrate love the way it deserves, then life just became even shorter. Didn’t get it right on V-Day?

No worries, here is my animal-lover’s guide for Valentine’s Week:

Animal-lovers overall are compassionate, kind, and generous people. They want gifts that acknowledge these qualities within them. Be it your partner, your neighbor, or better yet, someone you don’t even get along with,Valentine’s them up with something that makes the world a brighter place.

Chocolate, overrated (and gives me a belly ache). A gift in the recipient’s name to your local humane society, priceless (and feeds my belly). Flowers brighten anyone’s day but what about planting some bulbs or a tree in an animal lover’s name? Or you can donate to Second Chance and ask if they will name a homeless pet after the gift recipient.

Embrace Valentine’s Week. Hug your dog, cat, or neighbor. How about a hot date to the Second Chance Shelter to pet some kitties and walk some dogs (my personal favorite)? And while a simple card with your gift is always nice, a heartfelt soul-exposing letter to someone you care about really kicks it up. I also would recommend a good game of tag, but my editor said that may not be as romantic as I think it is.

Just make sure that whatever you are thinking about, to whoever the recipient might be, purely platonic or otherwise, that the gift pushes you closer to the edge of real living and keeps your heart ticking. Although a good chew toy is always a great gift, this week perhaps make it about quality time together instead (or a chew toy after a fun trip playing in the mountains).

My name is Lucky. I am a two-year-young, extremely handsome male Shepador (Lab-Shepherd mix). Although I am not feeling lucky to be homeless during Valentine’s Week, I feel that will change as soon as you finish reading this Pet Column. If your V-Day was drab and loveless, I am the guy for you. I am energetic with boundless amounts of love to share. I also love playing with other dogs, hiking, football, and lounging during my down time.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day roll past you like the drivel of any regular old day. Take a risk and give in to your passions, be brave and show someone, anyone, that you care about them (even non-animal-loving types), and then make it a daily habit. But most importantly, come meet me this week, let me complete you.

AND… To continue the new Second Chance Highlights section we wanted to share the following:

The Start of Another Great Community Partnership…

The Hotel Telluride has long been known as a pet-friendly hotel. We take great pride in welcoming not only our two-legged guests but our four-legged friends as well! Dog treats are given at check in and dog beds awaiting in their rooms. We gladly recognize our furry friends on our Woof Board and their pictures on our digital doggy photo frame at the front desk.

The Hotel Telluride realizes not all pets live this kind of posh life and that many are suffering just to find a home. To support this cause, our management has committed to giving the Second Chance Humane Society up to 10% of what we collect in pet fees.

We are also working with Second Chance Humane Society by recruiting volunteers from our hotel to help at their shelter facilities regularly, and by initiating an “Adopt a Dog for the Day’”program, inviting a homeless dog from Second Chance to help welcome our guests here at the hotel, and hopefully meet their new forever family.

The Hotel Telluride is committed to, and proud of, helping less fortunate pets, along with welcoming all guests and pets alike.

A Christmas Wish Come True…

On the first of December 2021, the Backer’s and their beloved cat/travel companion, Leo, traveled in their motorhome from San Diego to Ridgway for the Holidays. Their festivities were dramatically interrupted when Leo went missing. A concerted daily search effort took place to no avail.

A month later the Backer’s concluded the worst and began the long drive back, mourning the loss of Leo. Immediately upon arriving in San Diego they received a call from Second Chance, “We have your Leo!”. Ecstatic, the couple literally hopped in the motorhome and drove straight to Second Chance to retrieve their beloved Leo.

Vanessa Backer recently shared:

Leo is very happy to be home and relaxing and eating, eating and more eating! After his 32 days and freezing nights roaming the streets of Ridgway in December, he is doing just fine and soaking in the quiet days and warm sun in San Diego. Recuperating from a damaged tail, frostbite on paws and losing 1/2 his body weight. He enjoyed a warm sudsy bath upon our return and lots of hugs and brushing and climbing his cat tree. Many thanks to everyone who helped Leo find his way back home! We are extremely grateful…Vanessa & Bruce. 

 Happy Valentine’s Day – From our Hearts to Yours…

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