42nd Annual Telluride Mushroom Fest: Theme is Beauty & Gratitude! Passes on Sale Now!

42nd Annual Telluride Mushroom Fest: Theme is Beauty & Gratitude! Passes on Sale Now!

The Telluride Mushroom Festival puts out the word: Get ready for another magical mycelium experience connecting hundreds of myco-fans from around the world! Plan ahead though! Capacity will be limited. Mushroom Fest anticipates the weekend will sell out again. The event will be back to a full in-person happening with no virtual festival. Passes here.

Also, now accepting 2022 Festival Sponsors! email: ashley@tellurideinstitute.org for sponsorship inquires and sponsor deck.

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The 42nd Annual Telluride Mushroom Festival (TMF) is the largest wild mushroom festival in North America and celebrates “all things fungal.” The Festival theme is “Beauty and Gratitude.”

The Festival will once again spotlight the multitude of wonders and uses of fungi, everything from culinary to myco-remediation, medicinal mushrooms  and therapeutic psychedelics. The under-appreciated Kingdom of Fungi is crucial to all life on the planet and serves many purposes from breaking down plant cellulose in nature to creating nutrients for plants, to serving as food and medicine for people, to acting as bio-remediators to filter and break down toxic environments from things such as oil spills and agricultural run-off.

This four-day event covers it all! The goal of the festival is to have every single attendee fully committed to the idea that mushrooms have the potential to revolutionize our relationship with the world and ourselves. Workshops, lectures, and facilitated panel discussions will once again be led by nationally and internationally known experts from the field of mycology.

2022 New Keynote Presenters Announced:

Laura Guzmán Dávalos –A Mexican agaricologist who has worked with many groups of higher fungi, including tracing the phylogeographic origins of Psilocybe. She is an authority on the mushrooms of Mexico and also is the daughter of the world-renowned Gastόn Guzmán, THE world authority on the genus Psilocybe (who described and named more than half of the species). Laura will be making her second visit to the Telluride Mushroom Festival this year.

Bryn Dentinger – Curator of Mycology at the Natural History Museum of Utah and Associate Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Utah. Bryn is well known for work on many groups of higher fungi, including evolution and mimicry of plants that look like fungi (including orchids of the genus Dracula). Following his PhD at the University of Minnesota, Bryn did research at the Royal Ontario Museum/University of Toronto, the University of Oregon, and has served as a Senior Researcher in Mycology at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in the UK. He will at long last be making a stop in Telluride this summer.

Giuliana Furci –Founder and executive director of the Fungi Foundation US and Chile. She is a Harvard University Associate, Dame of the Order of the Star of Italy, Co-Chair of the IUCN Fungal Conservation Committee, and author of several titles including a series of field guides to Chilean fungi. Honestly what doesn’t Giuli do? We are looking forward to hear from her about all the new topics coming into the world of Funga.

Other Featured Offerings:

Louie Schwartzberg – He will be joining to premier a brand new film at the TMF 2022. He is the producer of the international sensation film “Fantastic Fungi,” which features, in part, interviews and scenes from the Telluride Mushroom Festival, and which first premiered at the  Festival.

Eugenia Bone – She is a nationally known food and science writer. Her work has appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, The National Lampoon, Saveur, Gourmet, BBC Science, and The Wall Street Journal, where she is a frequent book reviewer.

Sophia Roe – She is an acclaimed mushroom chef to the stars and is coming to continue to spread the excitement for cooking wild mushrooms, mushroom pairings and tastings.

New and Highly Anticipated:

Christopher Hobbs – He is an acclaimed author of many books on medicinal mushrooms who will be making a long-awaited return to the Festival with a brand new big book to present.

Richard Silber – He is an NGO leader working in Washington DC and Nepal coming to town to discuss programs at those locations, including a brand new project to document the mushrooms of Nepal and Mount Everest.

Michael Crowe – He hails from the Southwest Mushrooms Company, the latest wunderkind on the myco scene. This year marks his first appearance at the event.

Featured Presentations and our Noteworthy TMF return favorites:

Tradd Cotter – He is a microbiologist, professional mycologist, and organic gardener, who has been tissue culturing, collecting native fungi in the Southeast, and cultivating both commercially and experimentally for more than 22 years. Tradd will make another appearance as a longtime TMF favorite.

Katrina Blair – She is the founder of Turtle Lake Refuge, has written books: “The Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants of the San Juan Mountains,” “Local Wild Life- Turtle Lake Refuge’s Recipes for Living Deep,” “The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Plants for Human Survival.” Her nonprofit in Durango is a must visit and if you haven’t been to her night of the Wild Foods Dinner or gone on a foraging session, you might be missing out one of the best parts of the TMF.

Chad Hyatt – A West Coast notable mycologist, forager, and chef, who will do two cooking presentations, Chad is also author of the brand new “The Mushroom Hunter’s Kitchen.” The book has become a staple amongst mushroom cooking enthusiasts. Chad could do another 42 years at the TMF just using the recipes in the book – and have some left over.

Kris Holstrom – She is the owner of Tomten Farm, a high-altitude, off-grid, permaculture based research, demonstration and education farm at 9000’ near Telluride, Colorado. Kris consults on permaculture designs, edible and medicinal landscaping, school and community gardens through her business, Productive Properties. She has spent nearly three decades educating the public and youth about sustainability issues including renewable energy, food security, waste reduction and “out of the box” systems thinking to contribute to regional solutions to current challenges.

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