Telluride Arts: 2022 Small Grants for Artists Announced!

Telluride Arts: 2022 Small Grants for Artists Announced!

Telluride Arts is excited to announce 2022 Small Grants for Artists recipients. Learn more about 2022 small Grant Projects here.

This year’s grantees include five artists, whose artistic disciplines span painting, literature, photography, and music. These artists represent a microcosm of the diversity of creative talent that thrives in the Telluride Arts District. The designated funds will support their professional development and various creative processes.

The Small Grants for Artists program is a long-standing collaboration between the Town of Telluride and Telluride Arts. Over the last 20 years, the annual program has served to sponsor and support local artists – investing in their creative endeavors and advancing expertise.

Every year, a peer-selected panel of artists and arts professionals – from diverse disciplines and creative industries – gather to review and evaluate the proposals and mindfully award the funds. If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of this committee in the future, please send a note to Austin Halpern:

Proposals are selected based on the outstanding quality and composition of the artists’ works, as well as their outlined contribution and enrichment for the greater Telluride community. Grant recipients share their work publicly through performances, exhibitions, workshops, and other displays.

Since its inception in 1999, the Small Grants program has proudly supported over 300 artists and continues to grow!

2022 Small Grant Recipients

Britt Bradford

Britt Bradford is a trained contemporary artist and classical painter. Her aspiration is to expand into realism. With this project, dubbed “Alchemy,” Britt plans to paint and exhibit a new series of imaages in Telluride, exploring the themes of alchemy and the hero’s journey. After taking five years away from showcasing her work to study at the Grand Central Atelier and the Barcelona Academy of Art, Britt plans to exhibit “Alchemy” as a solo show at a local gallery. This grant will help support the hiring of local models, as well as contribute to studio rent, where Britt will have room to create these large-scale works.

Devoné Hunt

Devoné Hunt is an artist, comedian, and musician – more often known as DeVo. This grant will support the production of Balance, Devo’s first studio album. Balance is a musical project DeVo has been developing for a decade. It is a deeply personal, creative outpouring through which he hopes to inspire thought and perspective shifts, while also bringing diversity to the forefront of the arts and culture scene in Telluride and beyond.

Justin Criado
Chronicles of Chaos

Justin Criado is an editor at the Telluride Daily Planet, where he has worked for two-plus years. “Chronicles of Chaos” is a collection of short works, revised and expanded, that originally appeared as columns in The Planet. One of Justin’s life goals is to start his own indie publishing company. This grant would fund the completion and publication of “Chronicles of Chaos,” Justin’s first soiree into the world of publishing and a building block for following a dream!

Scarlet Holvenstot
Studio 81426

Scarlet Holvenstot is a passionate photographer. With her project, “Studio 81426,” Scarlet plans to build a studio in a retired wood shop in Ophir, Colorado. With the proper space, she will be able to expand her business of working with local Telluride brands to provide professional, in-studio head shots and product photography. In addition to the professional development aspects of this project, Scarlet also plans to start offering classes to students and adults in her new venue.

Tyler Simmons
Website Portfolio

Tyler Simmons is a professional musician and long-time Telluride local. He performs as a solo artist and in various bands such as Lavalanche, Porch Couch, and Patio Chair. For some time now, Tyler has been able to sustain his passion for music as a business by operating through cold-calls, referrals, and friendships. This project will involve local creators to help build Tyler’s online portfolio through web design and digital media production—which will, in turn, expand Tyler’s artistic reach and advance his work to the next level.


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