Second Chance: Doing New Right

Second Chance: Doing New Right

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A new year, a new life, right? Well, I am hoping so anyway. Not sure how to start the new year off right? I am here to help; my life is all about new beginnings.

For example, I am new at being homeless. New things are scary and disruptive, but can be good for you too, such as this unsettling encounter of being without family. I am hoping it is simply the last, and necessary, step before finding the family I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life. So, I can endure this new homeless thing if it gets me to the new family thing.

I got this.

New can be good.

People get anxious about new things too. This anxiety keeps people from adopting a dog into their lives. Bringing a new dog home holds so many novel experiences it can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The staff here at Second Chance work to make the experience smooth. You can call them with issues or concerns about your new pet’s adjustment. You can also take advantage of new behavioral training classes they offer to help you bond with your new friend and guide them toward being their best selves.

One of the keys to doing new things well is to not set unrealistic expectations or rush in too quickly. Dogs particularly like to take new things slowly and get into a routine, such as being fed in the same place, with the same food, at the same time. This helps us feel safe and calm. After being adopted we must navigate a new home, new people, new smells, new sounds, new everything. Many of the new things are awesome, but what does it all mean?

My recommendation for when you first bring your new dog home is to give him a few days to relax and get into the rhythm of the place and its occupants. It takes a bit of a routine for things to no longer feel new. Doing it once today doesn’t mean it is still not new tomorrow. Give us a little time to adjust and learn that every day we get to wake up near you, get fed and remain part of our new family.

After your dog settles in you can start introducing him to all sorts of new people and experiences outside of the home. Giving him a few days to connect to you and begin to trust you will help him adapt.  Then new things become adventures, not threats.

About me.

My name is Trigger. I am a 1.5-year-young male Coonhound. The staff and volunteers here at Second Chance find me to be very sweet-natured. I have endured challenges in life that urge me to be very cautious with anything new, so I start off timid, but then adjust quickly. A little patience will go a long way with me.

Things that calm me and bring me joy are nice walks with nice people, playing in the dog yards with other dogs and singing, which I am quite skilled at. I am perfecting my yodel, but have the Honkytonk down solid.

Let’s do new together…in 2022.

AND… To continue the new Second Chance Highlights section we wanted to share the following:

Looking to 2022…

We are so grateful to you for supporting us through another challenging and unprecedented year. With your support, we overcame a lot of changes and obstacles to stay true to our mission and goals, as a result we made a difference to so many lives. We are proud of our accomplishments (see below for brief highlights…more to come as we wrap up the year…) and all the pets and people we brought together and kept together this year.

For 2022 we plan to rescue even more animals, expand our Low Cost Community Medical Program further, and bring our Behavioral Training Program back in full. We will reach even more people through our Community Outreach Programs while getting more traction on our new revenue producing program, Paws for Art. We will continue working hard with and within our communities, to improve the lives of pets and people in our region. It is what we do and are deeply committed to continuing.

We are so grateful for your support, we will give it our all to allow you to maintain pride in the work we do together.

Warm wishes for a healthy, love-filled, and peaceful 2022.

In Gratitude,

Kelly Goodin, Executive Director

Another Home for the Holidays Adoption!

Christine Furrey and family opened their heart and home for one of the little Towaoc rescue puppies.

“Nothing better than a new family member for the holidays! Nora was a very shy little girl when we first met. Lots of love and family time together has taught her the world isn’t such a scary place. Animal and human, we have all learned a lot from each other and have had a lot of laughs! Thank you Second Chance for connecting us with this great new family member!”

Thank you Christine and family-we look forward to the updates!

Paul, Christine, Corbin Furrey and precocious ‘Nora’, we love the photo of her saying, “Yeah, I have no idea how the toilet paper and pillows exploded all over the floor…”

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