Second Chance: Animal Speak!

Second Chance: Animal Speak!

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Dear Pet Column,

I recently heard about the growing field of people who practice animal communication, it this real and how does it work?

To best answer your question, I interviewed a few recognized leaders in animal communication, allowing that there are many working within this field and I don’t have an opinion about one being better than another. The first interview was with Lauren McCall who teaches animal communication worldwide.

“Animal communication is telepathy between people and animals. Every being has his/her own frequency, just like a radio station. When we connect with an animal telepathically, it’s like tuning our radio into the frequency of that animal, just as you would tune your radio to find a particular station.”

Lauren continued: “To carry that analogy further, radio waves travel great distances, around the globe in fact. Similarly, animal communication can be done at a distance. I have clients globally. Distance is no barrier. I am very interested in quantum mechanics and believe that, one day, science will catch up with things like telepathy and be able to account for them in a rational and scientific manner.”

Tera Thomas was the next animal communicator I spoke with. She runs an animal sanctuary in North Carolina called “Hummingbird Farm.” There she teaches convicted animal abusers how to emotionally connect with animals.

“Telepathy is the language behind all language, it is the feeling that wants to be expressed. In our unique human way, we find words to express our thoughts and feelings, often forgetting that the words had a source, a font from which they sprang. Telepathy knows no time and space, so it is possible to talk to another being who is far away, or even one that is no longer living in a physical body. We are all telepathic, it is part of our nature, but we have covered our abilities with layers of doubt and disbelief.”

As a professor at Cornell University says:“Some psychic researchers theorize that senses such as these may once have existed in humans, only to be submerged somehow in the evolutionary process. Perhaps people with apparent psychic powers are merely tapping into once-used, but long-forgotten abilities.”

I think the important piece of animal communication, beyond how it works, is if it works. Eve Haslam, another animal communicator and teacher comments:

“To this day I do not understand it, but I have been a witness to success after success and reveled in relationship transformations between animals and humans.”

So consider this pet column an intro to animal communication; in a future column we will explore its applications. In the meantime, if you want to recover your animal telepathy skills come to the shelter to chat with me, I will give you a hint of what you will hear: “Take me home…”

My name is Teenie, a homeless 2-year-young female cat. I have been waiting for a home since last May, far too big a chunk of my life to have lived without a family. I am not sure why I keep getting overlooked by adopters. I am lovely inside and out and get along with other cats, although a bit unsure about those dog creatures. I am ready for my real life to begin, come meet me today.

AND… To continue the new Second Chance Highlights section we wanted to share the following:

Lisa Katz, Business Manager and more… 

For the last 14 years wearing many hats at Second Chance became common place for Lisa. Her lifelong love of animals that goes back to her childhood on the south shore of Massachusetts was the catalyst that initially brought her to Second Chance.

Second Chance’s 2008 ‘Wine & Whiskers’ fund-raising event was her entrée into volunteering. After her involvement with the event she got hooked into Second Chance and took on the role of event planner, volunteer coordinator and working at the Ridgway Thrift Shop.

A Business Manager became necessary as the organization grew. Lisa’s strong background in finance as a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a Project Management certification from Boston University and previous employment with Fidelity Investments made her an ideal candidate for the position.

As Business Manager her responsibilities include overseeing all financial activities, bookkeeping, financial reporting, budgeting, payroll, database administration and human resources. It is not an easy job yet Lisa makes it all come together seamlessly.

Lisa and her family; husband Jeff, children Johnny and Izzy and their dog Sherlock, whom they adopted from Second Chance, enjoy camping and golfing on the weekends.

Lisa has also been a volunteer for the past 4 years in Second Chance’s Pets Turning Pages, where pets work with children in classrooms to build confidence and joy in reading. Lisa stated, “I love reading with the kids and I think Sherlock likes it more than I do.”

Looking back on the many hats that Lisa has worn, and her current role, she shared; “Being able to work for an organization that you know is making a difference in animals and people’s lives is very rewarding, I feel a great sense of accomplishment with what I do”

A big thank you to Lisa for sharing her talent and passion to make all we do possible!

Lisa Katz shares a moment with their family dog, Sherlock, a mixed breed adopted from Second Chance.

Betty White Challenge Update!

The generosity of all those who donated in memory of Betty White on what would have been her 100th birthday is greatly appreciated, not only by our organization but by many other animal welfare organizations.

You have made a tremendous difference in the lives of the many dogs and cats who are awaiting their forever, loving homes.

Board member, Craig Kaminsky and Harlow, a “foster fail” from Second Chance.

Home Sweet Home!

Congratulations to 17 of our lovable furry friends for finding their forever homes so far in the month of January! 7 cats and 10 dogs (some pictured below) were able to go home with forever loving families!

If you are interested in adopting please give us a call at 970-626-2273

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