Second Chance: Giving Thanks!

Second Chance: Giving Thanks!

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As a homeless dog I can think of nothing better than a day devoted to eating as much turkey, stuffing and pie as I can cram into my belly. Although that is literally a dream come true, there is some scuttle that this week’s Holiday offers more than an overly satisfied stomach. I have heard that it can also be about gratitude and connection. Although that may not taste as good, I really like the feel of that.

Even being homeless allows for a sense of gratitude. For example, I am so happy that I found my way to the Second Chance Shelter where I get amazing care. I am delighted to not be wandering the streets. And, I am super thankful for the promise of a new family that buzzes around the air here. So, in honor of Thanksgiving, I have written a letter to my new family. Although I haven’t met them yet, I have it ready and waiting…

Dear New Family, Thank you for opening your heart and home to me. For taking a risk with me that we might just be that best friend we have been searching for. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trust and love again, and to be my best self. And for believing that we all deserve second chances.

I am grateful that you not only see my potential, but our potential together. Together we are going to teach each other so many things. Love, patience, joy, humility, connection, and how to care for one another. I am going to teach you that I have unique needs and I am going to learn about yours.

Thank you for knowing that the fear and separation that is becoming louder and louder on the planet does not have to take hold of you. You can still slow down and open your heart to others, and I am very glad that you recognized I can help you with this. Adopting me was the beginning of learning to be more present and gentle with yourself and others. You are welcome.

Thank you for paying attention to how I best like to learn, be rewarded for good behavior, and what makes me feel safe and secure. My breed is very misunderstood, so I am also grateful that you had experience with the bully breeds and know how to pay attention to my cues.

I appreciate the little things in life and will help you do the same. Healthy meals, good smells, being playful (I am only 1.5 years young and have lots of spunk), dancing, long walks outside, chilling out with the family, and just being. I believe you are going to really thank me for sharing true living with you.

Gratitude is important, not just on Thanksgiving but every day. It helps us to live longer, smarter, and more fully. Without it we jump on that endless rollercoaster of distraction and emptiness that ten pumpkin pies can not fill. Thank you for choosing me. I’ll be the gravy on your mashed potatoes and the pie filling of your soul.

My name is Loki, come meet me today!

AND… To continue the new Second Chance Highlights section we wanted to share these uplifting stories:

A Trip With Tripp:

Sam Dalsing with Tripp at a Fall Event, learning different commands.

A few weeks ago, our amazing staff member Sam Dalsing was invited to bring her foster dog, Tripp, to a service dog training program in Georgia. Sam, who never says no to any opportunity to help an animal, also wanted to learn more about behavioral training and so she jumped at the opportunity. Sam shared about the journey that she and Tripp made together…

Tripp in training with a Medical Service dog.

Monday October 25, 2021, Tripp and I began our 28 hour drive to Georgia where he would be attending Service Dog Training. Tripp has the smarts and skill to be the very best version of himself. While in Georgia, I attended training classes with Tripp and also participated in training in public places such as Home Depot, the movie theater, and restaurants. We worked on commands that he would need to know in everyday life as a service dog. Some of these included; sit, down, stay, tuck, and so much more. Our was very rewarding for the both of us; Tripp began a great life adventure and I was able to take my foster dog (that doubled as a best friend) for a month and half) on this journey while gaining knowledge in dog training.


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