Poets’ Corner, Thanksgiving: Rosemerry’s Special Guest!

Poets’ Corner, Thanksgiving: Rosemerry’s Special Guest!

Family, Fun, Football and Feast!  The start of the holiday season in nut shell. Question on the (groaning) table: If you could invite anyone in the world to your Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be? Word Woman Rosemerry Trommer shares her guest list – tongue firmly planted in cheek. While there is still room. 

Rosemerry wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Inviting Obama for Thanksgiving Dinner

Obamas serving Thanksgiving feast to refugees, courtes efe.com.

I no longer remember much of etiquette
from reading White Gloves and Party Manners,
so when Obama doesn’t come to our house
for Thanksgiving dinner, I needn’t worry
that I’ve forgotten how to address a former president
in an informal setting. I do, however, remind my kids
that if Obama were sitting with us,
they would want to remember to put their napkins
in their laps. They do.
And you probably don’t want to lick the serving spoon,
I add, as it goes from the cranberry sauce
into an eager mouth. And we don’t talk about farting.
The whole time Obama isn’t eating mashed potatoes with us,
we wonder what he is eating with his family
and what they are talking about,
and if he might not just accept an invitation
to our home for dinner. If he did,
we agree we would refrain from using the knife
with the butter dish to butter our own bread.
And, uncertain how to address him,
we’d just ask him personally how he’d like be called.
I’d like to believe that Obama might actually show up.
He’d knock at the door in his elegant and humble way,
no fanfare, holding a side dish of roasted brussel sprouts,
and we’d listen as he told us what he’s up to these days.
As it is, it’s kinda fun when he doesn’t show up
and we act like ourselves. I eat my green beans
with my fingers—they taste better that way.
My daughter plays with the candle wax.
Sometimes, I lick my plate.

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