Second Chance: Tuna’s Time

Second Chance: Tuna’s Time

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Baby Tuna

Tuna here. Remember me? Yep, still homeless. I know right, how is that possible?! In my two short years of life, I have survived being a homeless little kitten, then adopted, then I had an injury that no one knew about and walked around in pain, then my person passed away and I was homeless again. After returning to Second Chance, like over a year ago (!), I had major hip surgery, pushed through that, made a full recovery, but am still homeless? When am I going to get a break?

Time to take matters in my own paws I have decided. Starting with nudging aside the sickeningly adorable kitten that was asked to write the Pet Column this week. Yeah, an uber-cute kitten with those big eyes and little alien “me-yoo” that everyone goes ga-ga over. Kittens do not need help getting adopted, plus their spelling is atrocious.

So yes, I may be a bit of an ordinary looking cat, nothing overly remarkable, but that is only to disguise my extraordinariness residing within this softish multi-patterned coat of mine. What makes me extraordinary? My resilience, strength, and desire to love despite the many challenges I have faced. That I have not given up on people is a true reflection of my strong character.

Full disclosure, I have been feeling rather rejected lately, I mean an 18- year-old cat just got adopted over me (!!!), that I have been trying out the Tinder dating app. So far it hasn’t worked out so well, when I do finally find someone promising my paw swipes the wrong way and my perfect match disappears forever.

But I am not giving up. I even dug up my most captivating photo (see photo of adorable me) for my profile. Like most Tinder photos, it may be outdated by a few years, but once my new person meets my magnificent self it won’t matter that I have aged slightly.

Here is my introductory statement: Candlelit dinners (non-vegan), mellow music, cuddling on the couch, gazing softly into my big green eyes followed by a luxurious nap, or two. I am ready to be carried away forever. I decided it would be best to leave out the part that I don’t clean my own litter box and that I am a bad cook. I hear that being fully forthcoming on these apps is discouraged.

Truth is, I don’t want anyone to adopt me because they pity me, but I do hope that my rough start to life makes others realize that it truly is my time for happiness. I can’t do much more than I have already on changing the direction of my life. I made it here and am just waiting for my forever person or people to find me.

PS, I am not sure why I am named after a fish and, if it makes a difference, I am good with my new person changing my name to something a bit more respectable, like Luna. As I ponder it not much else rhymes with Tuna so, maybe go all out and switch to a more masculine moniker like Tuffy or Tenacious C (C for cat of course). Heck, you can even call me Trout Boy for all I care, just call me yours and I am in.

AND… To continue the new Second Chance Highlights section we wanted to share these uplifting stories

1. Bonsai’s Special Story: 

At age 18 Bonsai was surrendered to our care last May. Since that time he has been a beloved resident senior of ours. His good shelter friend was Sam, who arrived shortly after Bonsai. The two bonded quickly but unfortunately, after many months of love and attention from our staff and volunteers, Sam crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to age-related health issues.

Although Bonsai had a couple of people interested in adopting him over the months, they weren’t that right ones…

Bonsai’s dream came true when his new Mom came to visit recently and met Bonsai. They hit it off big and Bonsai is finally in the forever home of his dreams. Our hearts are truly warmed with the long-awaited good news.

2. Furry Faves: Highlighting special items at the Thrift Shops

3. National Adopt A Shelter Dog:  

This week we promoted Bandit for adoption, who enthusiastically offered to help people celebrate NASD Month (National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month) by adopting him. And it worked – Bandit was adopted this past weekend! Let’s keep it rolling – there are more adoptable dogs waiting at Second Chance!

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