Telski Continues Ongoing Forest Management Projects

Telski Continues Ongoing Forest Management Projects

As the Telluride Ski Resort continues ongoing forest management projects Prospect Trail temporarily detoured until October 1, 2021.

Beginning September 13th, a short section of the Prospect Trail will be closed due to ongoing Forest Management on Telluride Ski Resort. Prospect Trail will remain OPEN with a short detour along the Basin trail to avoid the closed area. The closed section of Prospect is expected to re-open October 1st upon completion of the project.

While no one wants to shut down a portion of a trail, particularly the Prospect Trail, the long-term benefit to the forest and recreation is well worth the short-lived detour,” said Scott Pittenger, Director of Mountain Operations.

The project is being administered by the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) on USFS land under the Good Neighbor Authority, a joint effort of the CSFS, the USFS, and the Telluride Ski Resort. The “Grouse Glade” project is one of many forest management projects happening on the ski resort this summer. The objectives of the projects include reduction of hazardous fuels, improvement of forest health and structure, mitigation of hazard trees, and improvement of recreational skiing opportunities. The Grouse Glade project will entail primarily mechanized felling, mastication, and removal of dead and dying trees within the 18.7 acre unit.

“After some large projects focusing on advanced skiing in recent years, we have shifted our focus to provide more tree skiing options for beginner and intermediate level skiers,” added Pittenger, “by removing standing dead and dying trees as well as cleaning up existing deadfall on the forest floor, we can reduce wildfire risk, improve forest health, and create some exceptional skiing/riding for all abilities.”

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