Mountainfilm Awards Total of $30,000 to 13 Projects!

Mountainfilm Awards Total of $30,000 to 13 Projects!

During this time of uncertainty and change, Mountainfilmbased in Telluride, is honored to be able to continue to support filmmakers through Commitment Grants and the Emerging Filmmaker Fellowship.

“Filmmaker support has always been a crucial part of Mountainfilm’s ethos,” said Festival Director Suzan Beraza. “These programs help elevate stories of cultural and social significance around many of the most pressing issues of our time. In that context we are excited to announce the 2021 Commitment Grant recipients. From over 100 applicants, 13 projects were chosen because they embody Mountainfilm’s mission to inspire audiences to create a better world. I’m so impressed by the slate of films that were chosen by our grants committee. They are a testament to the tenacity of these filmmakers who are overcoming numerous obstacles to tell stories that inspire, uplift and search for truth.”

The Commitment Grant initiative is part of Mountainfilm’s pledge to support projects that explore a range of socially, politically and culturally relevant topics rooted in the festival’s mission to inspire and empower.

Many grant recipients not only debuted their projects at Mountainfilm, but also have won numerous festival awards. Previous supported projects include Skye Fitzgerald’s Oscar-nominated Hunger Ward and Lifeboat; Adam Nawrot and Sonia Szczesna’s Godspeed, Los Polacos!; John Waller‘s Mending the Line; Jon Kasbe‘s When Lambs Become Lions; and Mo Scarpelli’s Anbessa, to name a just a few.


• 15 Days, Ondi Timoner
• A Life Illuminated, Tasha Van Zandt
• Curl Power, Josephine Anderson
• Everyone But Two: The Life, Love & Travel of Benjamin and Frances Graham, Carla Joelle Brown
• Fight Back, Ben Page
• Ibach, Rachel Weinberg
• Keep the Last Light On, Chris Filippone
• Sanctuary Rising, Florencia Krochik & Theo Rigby
• So Help You God, Ashley York, Susana Ruiz, Huy Truong & John Fee
• An Accidental Life, Henna Taylor
• Frost: The Style in Which We Climb, Tom Seawell
• One Shot, Sami Khan
• Weaving the Path, Cristóbal Ruiz


Let’s create a better world

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