Original Thinkers: Lineup, 9/30 -10/3!

Original Thinkers: Lineup, 9/30 -10/3!

Telluride-based Original Thinkers (OT) is a thoughtful ideas festival regularly scheduled for September 30 – October 3, 2021, in Telluride – and this year, virtually 10/1 – 10/31.

The weekend generally features 10 programs, each built around a particular idea explored through a compelling mix of speakers, films, performance, and art. The program typically delves into the human condition by focusing on the intersection of ideas and individual stories.

Program is here.

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The following is a note from OT Founder and Ringleader David Holbrooke about the 2021 event.

David Holbrooke

Dear Original Thinkers Community –

It has been both a real challenge and a true honor to put together the program for our upcoming festival this year. We have worked assiduously to have our programming for this year’s festival give some context and clarity to the massive upheaval that we as a society have collectively faced, while also continuing to focus on the ideas and stories that make us more human.

Looking at our  OT lineup this year, clear themes come through – including of course, our emergence from the pandemic that changed all of our lives so dramatically. As always, we want to move forward with hope, inspiration, and thoughtfulness and have found speakers, art and films that do exactly that. There are radical nuns and a pair of holy men, truth-tellers and trailblazers, pioneering partners and a piano man, along with so much more in the mix.

What we are releasing now is our lineup for the in-person festival here in Telluride, which takes place September 30-October 3rd at the historic Sheridan Opera House. There will be six shows over the weekend, starting Thursday evening and going into Sunday midday, which you can read about here. Besides these carefully curated shows, there will also be a panoply of other talks, events and experiences throughout the weekend at the Telluride Transfer Warehouse.

Original Thinkers is a hybrid festival this year so rounding out our roster of 10 shows will be four virtual shows that can be watched throughout the month of October. If you purchase a pass to the in-person event in Telluride, you will also receive access to the virtual shows. If you purchase a virtual pass, you will get access to all 10 shows from anywhere in the world for the month of October.

For us, this upcoming 2021 festival is a new and refreshing opportunity to share Original Thinker’s fresh way of looking at ideas with the world.

We hope you will join us.

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