“The Telluride Alphabet”: Book Launch 7/11, Transfer Warehouse!

“The Telluride Alphabet”: Book Launch 7/11, Transfer Warehouse!

Preorder your copy of a local classic-in-the-making,”The Telluride Alphabet,” here.

A book launch is scheduled at the Telluride Transfer Warehouse on Sunday, July 11, 4-6pm, with live music, refreshments, activities and a book-signing.

Now please scroll down for more information and to listen to a podcast with author Jill Wilson and illustrator Abby J. Fox.

Note: Abby’s original artwork from the book is currently on display at The Butcher & The Baker.

There are lots and lots of theories about why we dream.

Are they merely part of the sleep cycle or do they serve some other purpose?

Science postulates that dreams might represent unconscious desires and wishes. Or that they interpret random signals from the brain and body during sleep and consolidate and process information gathered during the day, working as a form of psychotherapy.

That said, much as 95% of all dreams are quickly forgotten shortly after waking. But some enter our waking lives – at least in the case of Jill Wilson, public service manager at Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library.  Jill dreamed up a book: “The Telluride Alphabet,” which comes out in July.

According to the author:

“The book takes the reader on a captivating journey through Telluride, one alliterative letter of the alphabet at a time. It includes a mix of local wildlife, historical figures, local landmarks, and natural phenomena, all quintessential elements of Telluride, past and present.

“‘The Telluride Alphabet’ is both educational and entertaining for readers of all ages and backgrounds. It gives a well-rounded look at Telluride and all its wonders and is a great way to introduce all of the aspects that make Telluride such a special place.”

To learn more from Jill and Abby, please listen to their podcast:

Jill Wilson, more:

Jill received her Master’s Degree in Library Sciences from the University of Denver in 2012. She has been a librarian at Telluride’ Wilkinson Public Library ever since.

Originally from the Texas Hill Country, Jill now resides full time in Sawpit, Colorado with her husband, daughter and golden retriever. The idea for The Telluride Alphabet” came to her in a dream.

So dreams really do come true.

Abby J. Fox, more:

Abby is a Colorado-based artist who loves putting pen to paper. She began to develop her illustrative style while earning a BFA in printmaking from Colorado State University.

Abby is inspired by travel and, in 2019, she left her heavy printmaking tools at home to take her sketchbook on a trip around the world.

To this day, Abby documents her adventures through printmaking and an *almost* daily drawing practice.

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