Telluride Science: Talk Tuesday 6/29 – The Big Chill!

Telluride Science: Talk Tuesday 6/29 – The Big Chill!

At the Telluride Transfer Warehouse on Tuesday, June 29,  Telluride Science hosts its third Town Talk of the season: “The Big Chill – Cryopreservation: The Science of Second Chances.” Cash bar and doors open at 6:00pm; the hour-long program begins at 6:30pm.

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This week, the third panel discussion or Town Talk  focuses on the technological developments, uses, and potential of cryopreservation.

A second chance at life.  That is an innately human desire that’s been held long before the first person, Dr. James Bedford, was successfully frozen in January 1967. Reanimation through cryonics isn’t possible and doesn’t look to be possible at this point, but the science of cryogenics and cryopreservation is already providing new life through fertility treatments, preserving plant and animal species through conservation, and promoting health and wellness through techniques that allow cell therapy to work for patients suffering from ailments ranging from cancer to spinal cord injuries to neurological disorders.

Allison Hubel


Song Han



Nancy Levinger

Veteran journalists Judy Muller and George Lewis  lead an entertaining and enlightening conversation featuring Allison Hubel, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota; Songi Han, Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of California Santa Barbara; and Nancy Levinger, Professor of Chemistry at Colorado State University.

All three women are in Telluride this week to participate in the Telluride Science workshop on “Cryopreservation Grand Challenges: Fundamental Molecular Science to Applications.”

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