Telluride Arts’ Art Walk: July Overview!

Telluride Arts’ Art Walk: July Overview!

The Telluride Arts’ Art Walk summer season continues with the First Thursdays series on July 1. Participating venues are open from 5-8pm and host receptions to introduce new exhibits and artists.

Complimentary Gallery Guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at The guide can be used at any time to help navigate through galleries and venues that are open to the public most days. 

Learn more about the Slate Gray show here.

Learn more about the group show at the Telluride Gallery here.

House, South Leyva Sunset, Slate Gray.

Venues hosting Art Walk receptions:

AVEDA Telluride Spa
Baked in Telluride
Crossbow Leather
Elinoff & Co.
Kamruz Gallery
LIV Sotheby’s International Realty
Lustre Gallery
MiXX projects + atelier
Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery
ON MAIN | flowers by ella
Red Dirt Studio Gallery
Rinkevich Gallery
SHOW Bar at Sheridan Opera House
Slate Gray Gallery
South Fir Street
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Art Collective
Telluride Arts HQ Gallery
Telluride Arts Transfer Warehouse
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art
The Turquoise Door Gallery

Aveda Telluride Spa

AVEDA Telluride Spa: Center for Transformation is featuring “The Inner Child Journals” by local artist Darla Murray Loomis.

Darla Murray Loomis

Darla is an author, artist, and award-winning pioneer in the beauty and wellness industry. She creates and promotes the bringing together of spirituality and business in the service of healing and she inspires women to recover their voices and rightful places in the world through love, beauty and the creative power.

Darla Murray Loomis’s works in mixed-media . Her art encourages others to restore and regain their ability to dream.

Baked in Telluride

Baked in Telluride is featuring “High Country Colors,” an exhibition of oil paintings by Leslie Ross Crane.

Ingram Falls

Leslie is a long-time local resident and late-blooming artist. Though primarily depicting the Telluride area, the exhibit also includes work from Leslie’s winters on the Baja coast. In addition to her love of nature and natural settings, Leslie’s fresh approach reflects her passion for life-long learning and discovery. And she finds scenes to which we can all relate.

Baked in Telluride is delighted to have Leslie back for her seventh exhibition.

Crossbow Leather

Crossbow Leather is featuring custom leather products by Macy Pryor.

Pryor applies her passion for sculpture and eye for structural design to crafting custom leather bags and accessories.

Crossbow Leather offers a truly unique experience of retail in the front, and a workshop in the back. With the production happening in the shop, experience the craft first hand, see products come to life, and meet the people hand crafting each piece.

Elinoff & Co.

Elinoff & Co. is presenting artworks by Wayne McKenzie.

Wayne’s art emanates a laid-back confidence that is a reflection of his Australian upbringing.

With loose brushwork and bold use of color, the artist brings a unique perspective to the contemporary North American art world.

Wayne’s strong sense of design is derived from the Aboriginal art of his native Australia. His paintings are a visual journey that allows the essence of his subject matter to come to life.

Wayne has established a profound reputation as a talented plein air artist in Colorado, winning multiple awards at premiere plein air events like Telluride.

On display in the gallery are Wayne’s Telluride summer and winter street scenes, hiking trails and rivers to ski and wine celebrations.


ETHOS is featuring the artworks of Sara Ward.

Sara is a self-taught artist who works in acrylics and plaster on large-scale canvases. Her paintings are bold and abstract and reflect a rough use of materials and myriad techniques and brushstrokes.

Sara’s work is a unique expression of her inner creative experience and most similar to the Neoexpressionist style.

Sara creates in a one-room cabin art studio that sits on her ranch outside of Telluride.

Kamruz Gallery

The Kamruz Gallery is featuring photography by Mary Kenez and local painters. The work capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado.

For more than 10 years, Kamruz Gallery has offered Telluride locals and visitors unique and humorous creations that cleverly capture the ever-so-active, hippy-happy and sometimes a bit quirky Telluride lifestyle.

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

LIV Sotheby’s Telluride location is featuring Laurel Anderson’s Line + Color series.

Offering a sense of restorative meditation, this series explores what Anderson describes as “simplicity, perfected.”

These modern landscapes from across the United States explore the balance between shape and color and how that can create a sense of simplicity and stillness on a grand scale.

Anderson is a fine-art photographer from San Francisco, who grew up in the San Juan mountains.

Lustre Gallery

Lustre Gallery is presenting Diamond Daisy by Aaron Henry Furlong.

Aaron’s work reflects his close relationship with nature as a world traveler and avid outdoorsman. Each of his jewels is assembled, set, and polished by hand with any eye to detail.

MiXX projects + atelier

MiXX projects + atelier is showing  “Dreaming in Color,”  an exhibition featuring new artists Joanna Pilarczyk, Jesus Leguizamo, and Sylvie Adams, painters unified by their assertive use of vivid, splashy color palettes.

Process-driven Sylvie Adams creates abstract mixed media acrylics with a constructed sense of space and depth, visually anchored by bright colors and intense contrast.

Playing well with Adams’ pure abstraction, portrait artist Jesus Leguizamo puts a twist on the classic trope of depicting beautiful women by introducing painterly bursts of color that obscure his subject’s features.

Finally, Joanna Pilarczyk’s figurative scenes invite the idea of narrative, with her subjects (frequently herself) portrayed in familiarly detailed, intimate settings that feel like brief excerpts from a larger story. The sheer density of color in Pilarczyk’s work is an unexpected grounding force, offering reference points for the myriad hues on display in this vibrantly unshy show.

Mountain Gate Teahouse & Art Gallery

Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery is featuring “Inherent in the Leaf,” a collection of abstract paintings by Jade Rose and guest artists.

“Inherent in the Leaf” is a reminder of the intertwining relationship between meditation, tea, and enlightenment.

Like great art, exceptional tea transcends words and is best experienced directly in the here and now. Therefore, every true teahouse is an art gallery and every art gallery a welcome place to appreciate the artistry of tea.

Jade works with oil paints and pastels to create large, abstract images which evoke a sense of depth and repose.

The exhibition’s guest artists are carefully curated to reflect the space of mindful awareness reminiscent of a tea ceremony.

ON MAIN | flowers by ella

ON MAIN and flowers by ella showcases unique and exquisite pieces from homewares, clothing, furniture, tabletop and fine art, as well as a full functioning flower shop.

Some of the designers and artists featured include BDDW, Angela Okajima Kempinas, Teressa Foglia, Le Kasha, Dries Van Noten, Loquet and more.

Red Dirt Studio Gallery

Red Dirt Studio Gallery is featuring paintings from Eunika Rogers, a local artist who works with found clay, wine and pigments.

Eunika collects her clay medium on her hikes in San Juan Mountains and Telluride. With her earthy palette she creates large realistic paintings of Colorado landscapes – landscape painted in the matter with which it was formed.

Rinkevich Gallery

The Rinkevich Gallery is featuring “Ancient Conversations,” a series of paintings by Margaret Rinkevich.

Rinkevich’s work is frequently informed by tribal peoples, ancient monuments and material culture.

During the painting process, ancient prototypes are disassembled and rearranged. What emerges within the forms and colors are the vestiges of ancient thought processes – communicating the absence of the communicators.

SHOW Bar at the Sheridan Opera House

The SHOW Bar at the historic Sheridan Opera House is featuring artwork by the country’s top plein air artists including Wayne McKenzie, Christine Lashley, and president of Oil Painters of America, Suzie Baker.

Baker, Telluride Lights

Taken from the 17th annual Telluride Plein Air festival in 2020, these paintings were produced on-site in Telluride, as well as in a handful in artists’ studios.

En plein air is a French expression which means “in the open air,” and is used to describe the act of painting outdoors rather than in a dusty old studio.

The goal of plein air artists is to depict the light and colors of a particular moment in time.

These paintings are an excellent way to capture the beauty of Telluride’s breathtaking natural landscape and historic architecture.

Forty percent of proceeds benefit the Sheridan Arts Foundation, the non-profit that owns and operates the historic Sheridan Opera House.

Slate Gray Gallery

Slate Gray is featuring the exhibition “True West” by Felice House.

Felice is an Austin, Texas-based painter and Associate Professor of the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University.

Carrying her study of human nature and the Western genre through art in a new direction, House has created iconic landscape paintings of West Texas.

The artist seeks to inspire awe in the viewer and remind her audience of their role as stewards of the land.

Taking her lead from the Group of Seven Canadian landscape artists and those affiliated with them, specifically Tom Thompson, House’s paintings use the idea of heightening the neutral colors and expansive space of the desert landscape to draw the viewer into a contemplative space. By using broken brush marks, Felice captures the ever-changing light that dances across mesas, rocks, and desert plants, thus providing a fertile ground for visual and spiritual exploration.

South Fir Street

South Fir Street is an embellished poster gallery featuring the art of Judy Haas.

A collection of vintage posters, movie posters and music posters hand-embellished with crystals, diamond dust and other elements.

Each poster is one-of-a-kind.


Studiotelluride is featuring the assorted artworks of Robert Weatherford.

Weatherford has been painting in Telluride since 1977, and has been an integral part of the Telluride Arts community for decades.

Robert is originally from Laredo, Texas. He obtained a Masters in Painting from Claremont Graduate Art School in California and a Masters in Systematic Theology from Union Seminary in New York.

Robert is the Director of the Telluride Painting School at the Ah Haa School for the Arts and  Vice-President of the Board.

He regularly teaches a painting class at Ah Haa.

Tellurado Studio

The Tellurado Studio is featuring the adventurous fine art of Markus Pierson.

Pierson explores a mythic narrative with his Coyote series, each symbolic of wanderlust and living beyond  boundaries.

The protagonists of these hand-embellished prints are the Coyotes: enigmatic figures searching for the next big adventure.

Telluride Art Collective

Telluride Art Collective is featuring the artworks of Rebecca McFarland and Joanie Schwarz.

McFarland and Schwarz see beauty in imperfection.

Their space is a working studio, displaying a collection of artworks such as paintings, photography, fine jewelry and hand-embroidered cashmere.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery is featuring “The Body Electric: Rob Woodcox.”

Rob is a renowned fine art, commercial, and fashion photographer currently living between Mexico and the US.

He creates from a unique perspective, finding hope in human connection and the will to overcome negative constructs within our complex societies.

Rob’s passion for photography has developed into a dedication to advocacy: he has produced projects raising consciousness and conversation around the US foster system and adoption, queer identity, body neutrality, racial equality and environmental justice.

“The Body Electric” is a series of exhibitions for 2021 which highlight figurative art and light art, asking its viewers to meditate on the idea of humanity, embodiment, and our unique light.

Telluride Arts Transfer Warehouse

The Transfer Warehouse is featuring a free Twilight Concert Series with DJ Calvin.

“Funky Beats” DJ Calvin creates a unique blend of live funky bass and guitar, electronic beats, synth, samples, and vocal harmonies.

Doors open at 6pm and the show will start at 7pm.

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art

The Telluride Gallery of Fine Art is presenting the first exhibition of an exciting summer program: “Vessel” –  on view from May 27 – July 4, 2021.


Yassi Mazandi, Poppy-Pod

A vessel is generous by nature. It provides a protected space for its contents that can be shared, transported, or kept dear. What connects the work of this assorted group of artists doesn’t physically meet the eye. Instead, the empty spaces permit the viewer to complete the image and envision what could be contained within.

This exhibition brings together artists both new and familiar to the Telluride Gallery: Bennett Bean, Nicholas Bernard, Christian Burchard, Angel Chen, Rebecca Crowell, Dana Flores, Yassi Mazandi, Goedele Vanhille, Michael Wisner, and Polina Perl, all working in a variety of media ranging from ceramics to wood to oil paint.

The Turquoise Door Gallery

The Turquoise Door Gallery is featuring artworks by some of the most highly recognized and collected artists in the nation, including three Grand Prize winners of the annual Plein Air Salon Award: Dave Santillanes, Jim Wodark, and Shelby Keefe.

Most artworks are produced by Colorado residents and all display the beauty of the state.

Pieces include plein air oil paintings, photography, and paintography.

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