EcoAction in Action: SMPA IQ Weatherization Program

EcoAction in Action: SMPA IQ Weatherization Program

For an overview of EcoAction Partners (EAP) and to meet the team, go here. The second column of the monthly series, “EcoAction in Action,” was written by Burton Richards, EAP’s energy auditor.

The Telluride region is known for wild swings in weather and temperatures. It is not uncommon in a typical year, from winter to summer, to see fluctuations of greater than 60 degrees. That type of shift  brings with it challenges to residential energy consumption. Staying warm in winter and cool in summer often takes large amounts of energy and thus costs us all a good amount of money as reflected in our utility bills. This might be your year to decrease those cost by taking advantage of the SMPA IQ Weatherization Program through EcoAction Partners.

The program name is a mouth full, but stands for San Miguel Power Association Income Qualified Weatherization Program. EcoAction Partners utilizes funds from SMPA, Black Hills Energy, Energy Outreach Colorado, private donors, and state-wide rebate programs to come into a residence and do an energy audit at no cost to the owner. The program allows both owners AND renters to apply, which is uncommon. You may be thinking since the program is income-qualified you might not have a chance, but the income thresholds for qualification are high in comparison with other similar energy programs.

This is a two-step process with substantial potential benefits for a household. Benefits can include a free energy assessment, energy efficient upgrades, reduced utility bills, weatherization of your home (which can improve the comfort), installation of insulation, replacement of appliances such as refrigerators/hot water heaters/furnaces, storm window installation, LED lighting upgrades, and a free health and safety inspection. After the inspection and upgrades are completed the resident becomes eligible for a portion of the SMPA IQ Solar Array which can further reduce energy costs. All inspections and audits are completed by a friendly certified BPI or RESNET Auditor utilizing the latest industry standards and techniques.

If you think your home or residence could benefit from this program or know someone who might be able to please contact EcoAction Partners. We can walk you through the application process and love to help.

To clarify, this is a free program to qualified residents of San Miguel, Ouray, Montrose (partial), San Juan, and Delores counties. The application process is free and there are no costs associated with inspections, audits, upgrades, or subsequent portion of the SMPA IQ Solar Garden.

Applications are available at or by contacting EcoAction Partners at (970) 728-1340 or emailing

Thank you, we hope to hear from you soon.

More about Burton Richards:

Burton Richards

Burton Richards is a certified BPI Building Analyst and Energy Auditor working with EcoAction Partners since early 2021. He holds a Masters in the Environment from CU Boulder where he specialized in Renewable and Sustainable energy.

In 2020, Burton began his journey in IQ based weatherization in the Denver Metro area and is passionate about helping address climate change through regional energy efficiency work.

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