Telluride Arts: Rob Woodcox Exhibit & Residency!

Telluride Arts: Rob Woodcox Exhibit & Residency!

The next Telluride Arts’ Art Walk opening reception for Rob Woodcox will be held Thursday, June 3rd, 2021, 5 – 8 pm at Telluride Arts HQ Gallery (135 W Pacific). Woodcox is scheduled to give an intimate artist talk at 6pm. The gallery is open most days from 12-6pm or by appointment. For more information contact Telluride Arts at 970-728-3930, or  online at

Rob Woodcox – a renowned, fine art, commercial, and fashion photographer currently living between Mexico and the US—is in Telluride for a solo show and residency in collaboration with Telluride Arts,Telluride Aids Benefit, Telluride Dance Collective, Steeprock Joinery, and CampV.

Rob’s passion for photography is now dedicated to advocacy: his projects are designed to raise consciousness and conversation around challenges like the US foster system and adoption, queer identity, body neutrality, racial equality and environmental justice.

Rob creates from a unique perspective, finding hope in human connection and the will to overcome negative constructs within our complex society. His current, ahem. body of work explores the connection between humans and the environment, imagining a future when we all live in deeper harmony.

During Rob’s three-week residency, he will photograph the highly anticipated Telluride Aids Benefit model image for 2021, which should encompass concepts related to HIV advocacy, prevention, and/or a celebration of life. All the models in the 2021 show are included. While in town, Rob also plans to work on personal projects in collaboration with the Telluride Dance Collective.

Note: This Telluride Arts residency is made possible through the support of lodging partners: Steeprock Joinery in Sawpit and CampV in Naturita.

About Steeprock:

Steeprock Joinery is a residency and creative space on 70 acres, perched on the red rock cliffs high above the San Miguel River just west of Telluride. It was hand-built by master craftsman Glen Harcourt in 1994 with studios, a full workshop, and forge accommodations.

About CampV:

CampV is a boutique glamping site that combines art, history, architecture, design, outdoor recreation, and unique spaces to bring together rural communities and inspire connections.

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery is excited to present “The Body Electric: ROB WOODCOX”:

“The Body Electric” is a series of exhibitions for 2021 which highlight figurative art and light art, asking its viewers to meditate on the idea of humanity, embodiment, and our own unique light.


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