Second Chance: Man Versus Hair!

Second Chance: Man Versus Hair!

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Dear Pet Column,

My boyfriend has been complaining about my pet’s shedding.

Don’t worry though, as my pets (a dog and a cat) don’t complain about my boyfriend’s snoring or whining. I know who I will choose if needed, but is there a way reduce the shedding so I can keep my man and my pets in my life?


Torn Between My Loves

Hi Torn, my name is Fuji.I would love to spread peace and harmony in your life by helping you manage your pet’s shedding. Just follow these easy tips…

My best advice is to tell your boyfriend to just deal with it – it is only hair. Sorry, but as a homeless pet I am allowed to poke fun at human sensitivities (as they so often are the cause of pet homelessness). But on a more serious note – shedding is a natural part of your pet’s life and the life of a pet owner. It is a small concession for having huggable, loving, and fun furry companions in your life.

You can reduce shedding by grooming your pets regularly, daily if possible (depending on how much you love your boyfriend…). This gets the hair on the brush and into the trash rather than on your boyfriend’s favorite T-shirt. And most pets really enjoy grooming so it is a win-win!

Although I am seriously opposed to this as a cat, you can bathe your dog regularly to reduce shedding as well. This is particularly important during the seasonal shedding periods of spring and fall.

Another preventative measure is to feed quality pet food to your pets. Not only will this increase the quality and quantity of your pet’s life, but your pet’s coat is often a reflection of what they eat. Feeding a high quality food with good digestible protein sources helps maintain a healthier coat as well.

You can also experiment with “de-shedding” products. Although I don’t have formal recommendations, I have heard positive reports about several grooming tools and products designed to aid in reducing shedding. If your pet is shedding abnormally larger amounts than usual consult a veterinarian to rule out physical and/or emotional problems.

My last recommendation is to work on deepening the bond between your pets and boyfriend. Include your cat in cuddles on the couch, go on fun hikes with your dog and teach him to fetch your boyfriend a beer or slippers. Hopefully your man will eventually grow fond of picking hair from his clothing, seeing it as a little love note from your pets.

If all your efforts do not work and your dude is still uptight about some hair on his clothes, definitely ditch the dude and thank your pets…

In closing, yes, adorable little 10-week-young me is indeed homeless. I am a sassy little fellow with a giant personality who has little time or patience for being held or cuddled as there are too many worldly adventures to partake of. (Sp if you have young children I may not be your guy)

Bonus: I have shorter hair so I won’t be a big shedder.

Call the Second Chance Shelter today to set a time to meet me. Your hairy life will only get better.

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