Original Thinkers: Hosting Virtual Screening of “Woman in Blue”! 4/23- 4/25!

Original Thinkers: Hosting Virtual Screening of “Woman in Blue”! 4/23- 4/25!

Telluride-based Original Thinkers is a fresh and thoughtful ideas festival regularly scheduled for September 30 – October 3, 2021, in Telluride. The weekend generally features 10 programs, each built around a particular idea explored through a compelling mix of speakers, films, performance, and art. The program typically delves into the human condition by focusing on the intersection of ideas and individual stories.

As Original Thinkers founder and ringleader David Holbrooke has said about the event he founded: “There are deep and universal truths in our own lives that we know will resonate with anyone and when we find those stories and showcase them, they provide an indelible experience for an audience.”

Go here to watch a preview of a documentary titled “Woman in Blue.” Tickets for screening and talk available on a pay-what-you-can basis. Watch starting Friday, 4/23, 7 a.m. MST through Sunday, 4/25, midnight.

The following is a note from David about the upcoming event.

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Dear OT Community –

I watched the verdict being read in the Derek Chauvin trial with great concern, hoping like all of you that justice and accountability would be served in this landmark case. And it was, which was a blessed relief. Of course, what the verdict wasn’t was an end to the pervasive and systemic issues with race in this country, especially when it comes to policing.

Earlier this year, we came across a terrific documentary titled “Women In Blue,” which looks at women on the police force in Minneapolis. It’s a complicated multi-layered story that takes place before the murder of George Floyd – and afterwards – and while it is not focused fully on that horrific event, it does incorporate that horrific event into the narrative.

My tremendous partner in all things programming for OT is Laura Shaunette. She sat down with Deirdre Fishel, the director of “Women in Blue” and her impact partner Ganesha Martin. Their conversation, which was recorded right before the Chauvin trail ended, looks at how much positive change and impact women can bring to police forces across the country if they take leadership positions.

This is the kind of original thinking that so speaks to me because it results in real world solutions for so many people. The film is great and the conversation is stellar so please tune in.

Thanks for tuning in and take good care…

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