Mountainfilm: Announcing new non-profit partner! What to expect (and not)!

Mountainfilm: Announcing new non-profit partner! What to expect (and not)!

After welcoming over 9,000 attendees to the online festival last year — the highest number in the nonprofit’s history —  Mountainfilm plans to once again bring films from Telluride, home base, to couches and camper vans around the world in 2021. Passes to the online festival, which will run May 31–June 6, are now available at at early bird rates. 

Mountainfilm is also excited to announced a new nonprofit partner. Learn more, support or get involved with this leading climate nonprofit at

And in the Age of Corona, nonprofits like Mountainfilm are challenged. Become a donor now.

Go here for more about Mountainfilm.

Moutainfilm announces new nonprofit partner:

Mountainfilm is excited to announce a new nonprofit partnership with Woodwell Climate Research Center, an organization dedicated to building a climate risk-aware world.

Woodwell Climate Research Center advances scientific discovery and solutions to address the world’s climate challenges. Originally founded as the Woods Hole Research Center in 1985, the Center changed their name in 2020 to honor their founder and highlight their commitment to combating the climate crisis. Their world-leading research and education helps individuals, communities and nations understand the realities of climate change, recognize the impact it is having everywhere on our planet, and embrace the urgent action needed to safeguard the future of life on Earth.

Our goal is to work collaboratively to educate and motivate our audiences and supporters to take productive action against climate change. As a solution-oriented nonprofit that is effectively and sustainably changing lives for the better, Woodwell perfectly encapsulates Mountainfilm’s mission to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Woodwell has been a Mountainfilm sponsor and participant for several years. We welcome this new partnership with the Woodwell team and look forward to working together to benefit our planet.

Here’s what to expect (and what not to) at Mountainfilm 2021

We get it. You miss Mountainfilm and we miss you. And while a large-scale festival in Telluride is simply not an option right now, we are working to scratch that itch with a small, in-person event that prioritizes safety and meets local and state regulations.

In addition to our seven-day Mountainfilm Online festival where you’ll have access to a robust Mountainfilm 2021 lineup from the comfort and safety of home, we are cautiously planning a few in-person screenings and programs in Telluride over Memorial Day weekend, May 28–31. But, because of the pandemic, this event will look much different than previous Mountainfilm festivals.

Here’s what you need to know:


This predominantly outdoor gathering will be significantly smaller in capacity and programming will be abbreviated. For the best opportunity to see our 2021 programming, check out Mountainfilm Online.


Due to significant capacity restrictions, ticketing for programs will be by online reservation. Tickets to individual programs will be open for reservations approximately one to two weeks prior to Mountainfilm in Telluride through our online reservation system. Once a venue’s limited seating capacity has been filled, the event will be closed. More information on our reservation system to come.


Paton and Ama passholders will have benefits for both the Mountainfilm in Telluride and Mountainfilm Online festivals. More detailed information to come.


This event is completely subject to local COVID-19 levels and guidelines — meaning it could be canceled or changed dramatically at the last minute.


Due to the limited and last-minute release of seating, the safety of our local community and the reality that the entire event could be changed, or even canceled, we highly recommend our online festival as the best way to experience Mountainfilm 2021.

As we work to plan both Mountainfilm Online and Mountainfilm in Telluride, we will have more information and several updates to share. Be sure to stay on our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay up-to-date on what to expect for Mountainfilm 2021.

In the meantime, you still have until March 15 to snag an online pass at the early bird discount (so click on the link above.)

We truly appreciate your understanding and flexibility, and hope we can all be together soon.

Let’s create a better world

Now, more than ever, we need your support. It is only through generous contributions that we can continue our mission to use the power of film, art, and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Donations will go a long way to ensure that Mountainfilm not only endures, but comes back in full force in 2022.

Every little bit helps. Become a donor today!

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