41st Annual Telluride Mushroom Fest: Only 140+ Passes Available Now!

41st Annual Telluride Mushroom Fest: Only 140+ Passes Available Now!

The Telluride Mushroom Festival announces the 41st annual gathering of fungiphiles will once again take place August 18–22, 2021 in the picturesque mountains of southwestern Colorado.

For more about the Telluride Mushroom Festival, go here.

Mushroom Festival is limiting capacity to 400 allowing for better distancing, proper venue space and better foray flow. Early Bird passes are sold out. Only just over 140 passes left.

The following is a note from Festival director Britt Bunyard.

Telluride Mushroom Festival director Britt Bunyard.

Although the full lineup is not yet set, I am excited to announce some highlights.

This year’s Keynote presentations will feature Professor Erika Dyke of the University of Saskatchewan (author of “Psychedelic Psychiatry”), who will explore the history and use of psychedelics clinically in North America, and role of women clinicians in the field.

Dr. Andrew MacKinnon, a research ecologist with the British Columbia Forest Service (author of “Mushrooms of British Columbia” and many other botanical titles) will enthrall us with mushrooms of Pacific NW and amazing tales of the history of magic mushrooms in BC. Colorado

State University professor Camille Stevens-Rumann will be featured. She is an authority on forest and fire restoration using fungi—a very timely subject following last year’s all-time biggest wildfire season in Colorado and much of North America.

We will see the return of many familiar faculty at this year’s Festival! Lauren Czaplicki D’Antonio (mycoremediation; William Padilla Brown (Cordyceps breeding and cultivation); Danielle Stevenson (mycorrhizal fungi, mycoremediation, and ecological restoration); Tradd Cotter will be leading workshops and everything on how to grow mushrooms,

Robert Dale Rogers (medicinal mushrooms and much more); Amy Honan (Colorado mushrooms); Greg Sanchez (Colorado mushrooms and ethnomycology); Ken Kassenbrock (mushroom basics and Colorado edible mushrooms; Lawrence Millman (ethnomycology); John Michelotti (mushrooms for business, pleasure, medicines); Katrina Blair (everything about wild foods; from the Denver Botanic Garden, Andy Wilson will educate about Colorado mushrooms to know and ID at the booth with Linnea Gillman and Bill Adams.

Our experts on local mushrooms, Larry Evans, John SirJesse, Tony Corbin, Greg Sanchez and other local faves will lead forays and cause general mayhem.

Speaking of mayhem … Art Goodtimes and John Michelotti will handle the ever-popular Goodtimes Mycolicious Mycoluscious poetry show. There will be a number of workshops as always, featuring how-to’s by Tradd, Kris Holstrom, William, Danielle, and others. Additionally, there will be special demos for the public by Jessica Langley, featuring workshops on paper-making using fungi.

Blue-staining mushrooms couldn’t stop us. Historic wildfires couldn’t stop us. And a global pandemic hasn’t stopped us. (But please do your part and get vaccinated!) This summer we’re back, because WE … LOVE … MUSHROOMS!

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