TCH: Sharing Housing Successes; Renters & Purchaser Please Apply!

TCH: Sharing Housing Successes; Renters & Purchaser Please Apply!

The Trust for Community Housing understands how hard it is for some locals to secure their housing, especially in today’s real estate climate, where properties are selling and rents are increasing. For more information and for applications, please go to the Trust for Community Housing website here or contact Amy Levek, Executive Director, 970/708-7678, and Katherine Borsecnik, Board Chair,

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Are you a local worker and looking for help with the costs of securing a rental? The Trust for Community Housing’s Opportunity Fund grant program may be able to help you. The program has awarded 42 grants to date, enabling 84 locals to both purchase and cover rental deposits and other costs associated with getting into housing.

“Most of the banks and mortgage companies know about our program, so we’ve helped a lot of locals who are buying homes,” says Amy Levek, Executive Director of TCH. “It’s harder to reach renters, but we want them to know that they can apply, too.”

TCH’s grants are available for renters to deal with move-in costs like deposits, which can sometimes be substantial. Levek elaborate:

“The rental unit does not need to be deed-restricted, but the renter does need to qualify through the San Miguel Regional Housing Authority as an employee working in the region.”

Grants are awarded to qualified workers in the region to help them achieve housing stability. They are designed to enable recipients to stay in the region, benefitting the family, their employer, and the local economy and community. Many of the recipients have been lottery winners for the Town of Telluride’s recent projects, and have included on-call employees, artists, retail workers, small business owners, and library workers.

In our current economy, even “affordable” housing can be hard – or even impossible – for employees to afford, due to relatively modest, but still daunting down payments and closing costs. The Housing Opportunity Fund addresses that part of the housing puzzle by providing grants to help qualified local employees actually get in to housing.

Trust for Community Housing, more:

The Trust for Community Housing (TCH) was established as a grass-roots nonprofit (501-c-3) organization to make sure our community remains strong and vital by increasing resources available for affordable housing.

TCH is the Telluride region’s only non-profit dedicated specifically to housing and is supported by a broad spectrum of full and part-time residents who treasure what makes our shared home unique.

TCH’s mission is to preserve our community through increasing regional housing opportunities. Through collaboration with others, the non-profit Trust expands resources available for housing, helping to secure a diverse and vital community.

TCH welcomes support.

Please visit TCH’s website:

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