Telluride Arts: For Cupid’s Day, Buy Your Love the Biggest Rock Ever!

Telluride Arts: For Cupid’s Day, Buy Your Love the Biggest Rock Ever!

For Valentine’s Day, buy your love the biggest rock ever by giving a gift of the historic Telluride Transfer Warehouse. Click HERE to name a stone or stones in the name of  a loved one.

All stone sponsors receive an authentic certificate. Stones start at $100.

To learn about other naming opportunities, please email or call 970.728.3930. For more information about the Warehouse project, click HERE

Telluride Transfer Warehouse back when. With your help, the historic structure can be restored as a community cultural center.

Be a part of the foundation of this treasured landmark that will serve the community of Telluride for generations to come.

Built in 1906, the Telluride Transfer Warehouse was a vital place of exchange for over a century.  Once the hub for the transfer of goods and supplies, it is now slated to become a new public center for the transfer of arts and ideas.

In 2017, the walls of the building were thoroughly evaluated and then, stone by stone, painstakingly restored. Telluride Arts invites you to join the effort to preserve, protect, and create a new space that will welcome, connect, and uplift our whole community.

Choose a stone and register it with your name, commemorate a loved one, a pet, or buy a constellation for your family.

Like naming stars, the stones will not actually be physically inscribed, but will be identified through digital and print media in the building and on the web. With your contribution, you will be issued an official certificate with the name and number of your stone(s).

Telluride Arts, more:

Telluride Arts is celebrating 50 years as the local arts council! Telluride Arts promotes a culture of the arts within the Telluride Arts District, which contains a remarkable concentration of arts and cultural activity that engages artists from around the region and across the globe. For more information find us online at, or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @TellurideArts.   |   970.728.3930

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