Community Climate Action/Education Series, Launch, 2/18!

Community Climate Action/Education Series, Launch, 2/18!

A new community climate education and action series marks a collaboration between the Telluride Rotary Club and Telluride’s Wilkinson Public Library, plus other community partners, part of the ALA (American Library Association) Resilient Communities initiative. For more, head to the Library’s event page here.


The new series begins on February 18, 6 p.m. with a panel session via Zoom, where participants will hear an update on regional climate goals; how we can accelerate the region’s progress; and what resources and new tools are available to help us get where we want to be.

The event will feature a panel discussion with representatives from local governments, EcoAction Partners, San Miguel Power Association (SMPA), Sheep Mountain Alliance and others, facilitated by Madeline Gonzalez Allen, Sustainability Officer & Board of Directors, Telluride Rotary Club, Telluride Ecology Commission, Consultant and co-Founder, InnoVital.

Related happenings:

• An event focused on offering regional businesses education and information about what initiatives/resources are available to help businesses take effective climate action, with speakers including representatives from EcoAction Partners Green Business program, and others. Spotlight on examples of businesses already helping lead the way with effective climate action: Contact Madeline Allen

• A new Wilkinson Public Library “Climate” landing page: Contact Joanna Spindler.

• Other programs being offered by WPL as part of this Resilient Communities program: Contact Joanna Spindler.

• Continuation of our Regional Tree-Planting Initiative working with several community partners (a primary call to action from the February 2020 Climate Education & Action series): Contact Madeline Allen.

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