Telluride Arts Presents: 1st Art Walk of New Year, 1/7/21!

Telluride Arts Presents: 1st Art Walk of New Year, 1/7/21!

The first Telluride Arts’ Art Walk of 2021 takes place Thursday, January 7, 2021. Participating venues host receptions to introduce new exhibits and artists from 5pm-8pm.

Complimentary Gallery Guides, offering a self-guided tour, are available at participating venues or online at The guide can be used at any time to help navigate through galleries and venues open to the public most days. 

Participants are asked to wear masks, practice safe social distancing, avoid large groups, and keep hands washed and sanitized. Venues are allowing a limited number of people into the spaces at a time, window displays will be emphasized for outdoor viewing, and there will be no food or beverages served at this time. 

Art Walk partakers are encouraged to support Telluride’s local bars and restaurants for take-out beverages and bites.

For a deeper dive into the shows at Slate Gray and the Telluride Gallery just click on the links.

Kathrine Tatum, back country skier & artist, shows new work at Slate Gray.

Venues Hosting Art Walk Receptions:  

Aveda Telluride Spa
Baked in Telluride
Elinoff & Co.
Gallery 81435
Kamruz Gallery
LIV Sotheby’s International Realty
Lustre Gallery
MiXX projects + atelier
Mountain Gate Teahouse and Art Gallery
ON MAIN | Flowers by Ella
Sheridan Opera House SHOW Bar
Slate Gray Gallery
Tellurado Studio
Telluride Arts HQ Gallery
Telluride Gallery of Fine Art
The Turquoise Door Gallery

Aveda Telluride Spa:

Aveda Telluride Spa is featuring artist Jair Gabriel. Gabriel was born in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and grew up as a rubber tapper’s son harvesting latex. He now creates paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. (Aveda donates 20% of all sales to support Telluride Arts programs.)

Baked in Telluride:

Baked in Telluride’s featured artist this month is Mona Taylor. At age 18, Mona is one of Telluride’s newest aspiring artists. Her dynamic acrylic paintings reflect her natural artistic maturity. Mona’s attention to detail is truly impressive – her effective use of color fills her paintings with energy. The artist is self-motivated and finds deep enjoyment from the challenges of painting subjects in her own environment. Stop by the bakery, have a coffee and a cookie, and admire this up- and-coming Telluride artist.

Elinoff & Co.:

Elinoff & Co. features modern art drawings and prints by Picasso, Chagall, Dufy, Modigliani, Warhol, Rivera, Renoir, Basquiat and others. Additionally, they sell contemporary paintings by McKenzie, Godshalk, Elinoff, Zaza, Morante, Huallpa, Eugenio, Cienfuegos, Baci, Pantigozo, Suarez, Tapia, Lazarov, Marmanov, Nasanov, Pentjukh and more. The gallery also carries T-pick jewelry in 14k, 18k, & 22k gold.


This January 2021, ETHOS is featuring Home by Sara Ward. Sara is an artist, yoga teacher and longtime Telluride local whose passion for creative living can be seen and felt in her many mediums. In addition to painting and teaching, Sara finds joy in upcycling and refinishing vintage furniture, often using bold and surprising patterns to create stunning pieces that bring statement, character and conversation to any space. Follow Sara:

Gallery 81435:

Telluride Arts’ Gallery 81435 and Telluride Arts’ HQ Gallery are featuring “The Body Electric,” an exhibition curated by Britt Bradford, with artists Casey Hagerman, Joshua Penrose, Katy Parnello, Sara Scribner, Shane Scribner, and Bradford. The” Body Electric” highlights figurative art and light art, asking its viewers to meditate on the idea of humanity, embodiment, and our unique light.

Kamruz Gallery:


Kamruz Gallery is featuring photography from Mary Kenez and local painters who capture the spirit of Telluride and Southwest Colorado.

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty:


This January, LIV Sotheby’s Telluride location is showing Laurel Anderson’s Line + Color series. Offering a sense of restorative meditation, this series explores what Anderson describes as “simplicity, perfected.” These modern landscapes from across the United States explore the balance between shape and color, and how that dynamic can create a sense of simplicity and stillness on a grand scale. Anderson is a fine art photographer based in San Francisco, who grew up in the San Juan mountains. Follow Laurel Anderson @ayearinamerica.

Lustre Gallery:

Lustre Gallery is now on Main Street! Visit the gallery’s new location in the heart of Telluride, 214 West Colorado Ave, across the street from the Nugget Theatre. This January, Lustre is featuring the colorful light fixtures and brilliant new paintings by their resident artist Marshall Noice.

MiXX projects + atelier:

MiXX projects and atelier’s exhibition, “Fresh Air,” features the work of three fantastic artists: Sheila Giolitti, Sheryl Daane Chesnut, and the newest MiXX creative, Juan Carlos Collada.

New work from longtime MiXX favorite Sheila Giolitti showcases her signature mixed-media paintings of mesmerizing abstract forms layered in clear resin. Sheryl Daane Chesnut’s atmospheric abstract paintings bring a deep aura of tranquility to the show, bathing the senses with the same calm that comes from experiencing nature directly. And the work of Juan Carlos Collada, whose breathtaking three-dimensional wall installations comprise dynamic swathes of colorful butterflies in flight.

As we transition out of what feels like the longest year on record, MiXX wants the December – January show to feel like a breath of fresh air, at a time when it can be difficult to remember the simple practice of inhaling and exhaling. Featuring soothing, elemental abstracts and an installation of soaring, airborne forms, the first show of the winter season aims to inspire ease, stillness, and hope for the months and years to come.

Mountain Gate Teahouse & Art Gallery:


This January, Mountain Gate Teahouse & Art Gallery is featuring “Animal Magic” by Jade Rose. Jade’s been a passionate animal rights activist and abstract painter for 15 years. Heer mission is to honor the beauty, sentience, and wisdom of the natural world.

“Animal Magic” is a show of large-scale paintings that recognize animals as saints. Animals have much to teach us. Jade shows that in her work by coaxing forth a spirit in the play of color, form, energy, stroke, line. The admixture of abstraction and realism captures the space in which spirit and form meet. Ideally, the thick surface of luscious oils and the monumental scale of these pieces will leave the viewer feeling the majesty of animals: house cat, lion, mouse or pelican. The creatures emerge from the work in powerful intensity, undeniably present, staring back at you from the wall – immortal, alive, essential.

ON MAIN | flowers by ella:

This January 2021, ON MAIN is featuring artworks by Brucie Holler, a South Carolina native and the former Director of Exhibitions for Ah Haa School for the Arts.

Holler is a non-representational painter, whose work is inspired by the natural world and language. This ongoing body of work is a process of responding to and translating the phenomena of murmurations: uplifting energy, air, weightlessness, wind and wildness juxtaposed with spaces of calm and gravity; poetry in motion. The lines, and what happens between those lines and forms, become the focus.

Rinkevich Gallery:

Margaret Rinkevich Gallery features the abstract paintings of Margaret Rinkevich, along with tribal sculpture.

Margaret has been painting and collecting tribal art for 20 years. Tribal art had a profound impact on Modernist art and Rinkevich has always loved the juxtaposition of Abstract Expressionist painting and tribal sculpture. Both can be very ingenious and convey unique interpretations of both our inner and outer worlds.

Sheridan Opera House SHOW Bar:


This January 2021, the Sheridan Arts Foundation will be featuring the 2020 Telluride Plein Air and Gallery sale in the SHOW Bar.

Each painting was produced by one of the nationally recognized Plein Air artists participating in the September 2020 Telluride Plein Air event – either in their studio or on-site. An iconic image of Telluride makes a wonderful keepsake or gift for the art lover in your life, and all sales go to support the Sheridan Arts Foundation.

Slate Gray Gallery:

Martha Rae Baker at Slate Gray.

Slate Gray presents “In Your Element” for January Art Walk, an exhibition featuring Kathryn Tatum and Martha Rea Baker and their latest bodies of work.

Tatum, a local to Telluride and Taos, NM, explores her adoration for the San Juan Mountains in her latest series featuring backcountry shoots and extreme terrain seen from the Telluride Ski Resort.

“I have always been humbled by the extreme above tree line landscape surrounding the Telluride Ski area and never really knew how to capture its respectable beauty until now.”

Tatum’s works combine acrylic paint, interference paint, charcoal, and rice paper on canvas in an unprecedented application of the mediums.

Baker’s works are similarly influenced by nature, citing the home of her studio, Santa Fe, and the beauty of the surrounding elements as a direct source of inspiration and solace during a challenging year.

This beauty brought her deeper into her element, creating a body of abstract expressionist work intricately layered and enhanced by the warmth of vibrant colors. Martha has also added the process of mixing Gamblin cold wax medium with oil paint to achieve a rich textural surface. This mixture has proven excellent for expressing the passage of time and its effects on our environment. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, January 7th with social distancing measures, masks required, and a limited capacity.

Tellurado Studio:

This January 2021, Tellurado Studio is featuring adventurous fine art by Markus Pierson and provisions to accommodate. The Tellurado Studio is a place to relax and slowly take in the tales of romance, philosophy and footloose souls. Stop in and experience one of the newest gallery spaces in town!

Telluride Arts HQ Gallery:

Parnello at Telluride Arts HQ,

Gallery 81435 and Telluride Arts HQ Gallery are featuring “The Body Electric,” an exhibition curated by Britt Bradford, with artists Casey Hagerman, Joshua Penrose, Katy Parnello, Sara Scribner, Shane Scribner, and Britt Bradford.

“The Body Electric” highlights figurative art and light art—asking viewers to meditate on the idea of humanity, embodiment, and our unique light.

Telluride Arts Transfer Warehouse:

For January’s Art Walk, the Telluride Transfer Warehouse is featuring an outdoor projection of Jamie J Dance – a film highlighting contemporary dance by James Jackson Jr. and light art by Katy Parnello.

Brought to you by Scott Upshur, videographer, and Dan Gundrum, immersive digital artist, this projection is a part of “The Body Electric,” a Telluride Arts exhibition curated by Britt Bradford.”

“The Body Electric” highlights figurative art and light art, asking its viewers to meditate on the idea of humanity, embodiment, and our unique light. The film will be projected on the historic Transfer Warehouse building, so bring a friend or family member and come watch the show!

Telluride Gallery of Fine Art:

Ed Moses. then.

This January 2021, the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art is showing “Saving The Best For Last,” an exhibition of 24 paintings and six digital pigment prints by the late great artist Ed Moses. This collection of work includes a group of his most recent acrylic paintings, as well as digital prints provided by Patricia Correia Projects. The exhibit will be on view at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art until early February.

The Turquoise Door Gallery:

The Turquoise Door Gallery is featuring fine art paintings and photographs by Brankley, Marcus, Reti, Novak, Reichard, Franzese, Hyer, Wodark, Keefe, Oberg, Packard, Sahli, Pettit, Deibler, Lashley, Santillanes, and Wodworks. January 2021, the gallery is newly showing Christine Lashley’s “Jewels of Telluride” oil paintings.

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