Second Chance: Bring It 2021!

Second Chance: Bring It 2021!

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Writing the last Pet Column of the year is an honor I am taking very seriously. However, it does create pressure on me to write something that will have a strong impact upon readers as 2020 comes to a much anticipated end. So I put a lot of thought into the story and decided  I am not going to wax eloquent on the hardships of 2020. Instead I am going to look forward to 2021.

As such I am not recommending New Year resolutions for 2021, but rather New Year awakenings. I hear your collective sighs as you release the levy of tension from not having come up with your resolutions yet. And here is why you haven’t: most are boring and unachievable (way to take the zing out of a new year by promising to do things you couldn’t do the year before…) and just not cool anymore.

For a successful 2021 it is all about New Year Awakenings. Focus on enjoying what you have rather than chasing what you don’t (unless you are joyfully chasing a toy across the floor). Positive change is good, but without sincere gratitude it is just another typical year. Don’t change your life. Change how you live it.

Granted, I am a cat and we are not into overachievement – bring on the status quo and we will love you forever – but I am also not about to encourage mediocrity. In fact I believe over-indulgent habits should be tested and revised. For example, instead of taking super long naps and not getting things accomplished, try intermittent pauses throughout the day to reflect on what you have accomplished. That will supply you with bursts of energy and inspiration to achieve your goals.

I also advise setting an intention to not roll over (unless for a belly rub) and accept everything life throws your way. If I did that I would not be alive to talk about it. Finding myself suddenly alone and homeless in the winter was not part of my life plan – but it happened – as will other challenges in 2021.

But rather than remain cold, hungry and alone, I found my way here to Second Chance Humane Society. This is the place where furry felines like me are launched into our new careers as family pets. Speaking of which, my name is Sammy. I am about 2 years of age and love people, home exploration, bird-watching. And I am a great office assistant.

Although she doesn’t know it, I was named after my staff member Sam, because she is so awesome with cats. She said that when she talks to me she feels as though she is talking to herself. That made me feel good. If she hadn’t just adopted another homeless cat, Garfield, I know she would be bringing me home.

Thus, one resolution I am encouraging for 2021 is to bring a cuddly purring (or wagging) new family member into your life to brighten your world. 2021 may not be as easy as we hope, but with an emotional support and coach like me around it is going to be better than 2020.

May 2021 bring you all the love, peace and inspiration that a cat like me (or a dog if you are so inclined) could bring into your life, and more…

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