Second Chance: Behavioral Training!

Second Chance: Behavioral Training!

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Hi there, I’m Marley! As you know, January is a time for new beginnings…I know I’m ready for mine! Speaking of new beginnings, I’d like to introduce you to Second Chance’s latest staff addition, Krissi Goetz. Krissi has been working with animals for quite some time and is here to help in our region now.

In 2003, Krissi helped establish a unique all-breed rescue in Wyoming, then she morphed into a trainer and animal behavior geek to better help dogs and their people.

And now she’s here at Second Chance!

As a clever Border Collie I of course had a few questions, so I rounded Krissi up and here’s what she had to say.

So, I’m the lead cuddle collector around here. What’s your job?

I’m the new Behavior Manager at SCHS. I’ll be working with both the dogs and cats in the shelter and foster care, as well as helping people and dogs in the community in different ways.

Wait – you’re not just here to hang out with me? Tell me more!

Second Chance’s mission includes not just saving lives and improving the quality of life of the dogs and cats in their care. The aim is to provide all kinds of services to the community that will enhance the bond between people and their pets. One way to do this is by helping people learn how to better communicate with, understand, and teach their dogs. I’m here to help Second Chance do that!

SCHS offers free or low-cost behavior services such as group classes, both Puppy Skills for little ones and Basic Manners for dogs 5 months and older. We will soon be launching a free weekly Puppy Social Hour, too. Last but not least, one-on0-one lessons for dogs with behavioral challenges are now available too.

What’s your training methodology?

I believe in using only force-free, reward-based methods based in science.

Why is behavior such a big deal?

It’s not uncommon for animals to find themselves homeless, or worse, due to behavior. Many of these behaviors could be addressed and changed if owners had the resources. So essentially, dog training can be lifesaving! But it can also increase the quality of life for both humans and canines. Due to the fact that well-mannered dogs tend to be welcome in more places, a well-trained dog can come along with you more often and participate more fully in human society.

What’s your favorite part about teaching dogs?

Dogs are really fascinating creatures and so there many parts to behavior work I find enjoyable. But frankly Marley, it’s not always about teaching the dogs…it’s about teaching their people, too! And the better people understand their pets, the happier these companion animals will be. What’s not to love about that?

So, is it time to brag about my progress?

It sure is. As you know, Marley, just this week you officially learned to learn, for what may be the first time, and you have been making great progress with Sit and Down ever since.


Readers Note: Marley is a marvelous middle-ager, a smaller Border Collie who came from a puppy mill situation. She’s put that life behind her and is ready for her new beginning to come and adopt her.

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