Telluride Theatre: Stream “Home for the Holidays,” 12/19-12/24!

Telluride Theatre: Stream “Home for the Holidays,” 12/19-12/24!

Telluride Theatre keeps holiday spirit and magic alive during pandemic with an original streaming production of “Home for the Holidays.” Happening December 19 – 24, 7 p.m. Stream online here. Tickets:$20 for one viewer; $35 for two viewers; $55 for a pod party of 3 or more viewers.

Member/sponsor Zoom holiday party December 21, pre-show, 6:30 – 7 p.m. RSVP

Scroll down to watch the trailer to whet your appetite for Christmas cheer.

Telluride Theatre has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, adjusting, planning, replanning and readjusting in order to continue creating shows, supporting artists, educating kids and keeping the Telluride community entertained during some of the hardest of these dark times.

This holiday season, Telluride Theatre will continue to bring joy, jubilation and hysterical ridiculous to town  with their original, streaming production of “Home for the Holidays.”

“We wanted to make something JUST for our community to enjoy at home while we all try to stay safe and healthy. Since we cannot physically gather in the theatre, we are bringing the show to the homes of our amazing Telluride families,” said Sasha Sullivan, creative director for Telluride Theatre, as well as director, playwright and host for “Home for the Holidays.”

Audiences can expect a fun-packed variety show filled with holiday cheer and hilariousness, hosted by Sasha and Colin Sullivan in the same light as classic holiday specials hosted by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra or Sonny and Cher.

“’Home for the Holidays’ is a super fun variety show that celebrates the holidays in Telluride. There is music, comedy, performance and Telluride Theatre’s own unique brand of ridiculousness. A pandemic holiday special,” described Sullivan.

For the production Telluride Theater enlisted the help of filmmaker and videographer Alexei Kaleina. He offered his expertise in transitioning from live, stage performance to shooting theatre on film.

“Alexei is a dear friend, collaborator and an incredible filmmaker,” said Sullivan. “I know how to stage for theatre, but we are relying on his expertise to guide us on how to transfer theatre to film. We are so beyond lucky to have him.”

In these unprecedented times, when people are separated from their friends and families, and artists are struggling to find creative outlets that are safe and viable, Telluride Theatre was instinctually called to provide a space for entertainment and imagination:

“As an artist, if I go too long without creating, I start to get a bit looney,” described Sullivan. “Creating is mental health for a lot of us, especially artists. If I am not making work, dreaming and writing, I sink into the depths of despair,” she explained.

Telluride Theatre knew it had to produce a holiday show:

“People need art and artists need to create art, especially in hard times like these,” explained Sullivan. “The fact that we are figuring out new ways to do things, adapting to each curveball and still producing work gives me hope. Telluride Theatre is strong, important and vital. The services we have provided to our artists is invaluable.”

“Home for the Holidays” aims to provide some comic relief and holiday cheer to anyone who lives in or just simply loves Telluride;

“We wrote it for Telluride. It is a holiday show for our community and anyone who loves to come here or used to live here,” said Sullivan. “It is the essence of an old school holiday special, coupled with SNL and some Telluride Theatre magic thrown in.”

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