Second Chance: COTUS

Second Chance: COTUS

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Breaking news! It’s so exciting I managed to trick the dog who was supposed to be writing this week’s Second Chance Pet Column and steal the laptop. So the scuttle is that President-elect Biden family is looking for a cat to bring to the White House. I have been dreaming of this moment my whole life. Pick me Jill & Joe Pick me!!!

Just two weeks ago this column announced  the Biden’s were making history by bringing the first ever shelter dog to the White house. Now they have announced they are looking for the first shelter First Cat too! Again, this has nothing to do with politics, as the Pet Column remains neutral and strictly educational, but my tail is saluting the Biden’s. As our First Family should always act as good role models, and this initiative could make a positive impact on shelters across the Nation.

I mean if a cat like me, born in the Target parking lot where my mother scrounged for food, can potentially make it to the White House then shelter cats will rise in status nationwide. Plus there hasn’t been a First Cat since the Clintons, so there are probably countless mice to catch and staff needing purrs.

As the COTUS it would also be an honor to serve with an administration which has selected the first entirely female White House communications team in U.S. history. Not that men can’t be good communicators, but let’s face it, there are a lot of fences to mend and woman do have some natural diplomatic skills. That’s all I am saying on that subject.

I understand it is Jill Biden’s responsibility to pick out the First Cat, so I will direct my attention to her now…

Dear Jill, I come from a humble background. I grew up in a world that was not always kind, but now that I have been rescued I am leaving my skittish and unsocial ways behind me and working hard to be the kind of pet people cherish. I would make you and our country proud.

I am only 4-months-young so my background check should come out pretty clean. There was the time that I pushed my brother away when he was nursing, but I was just so hungry I couldn’t help it. But now that I have ample food and a warm bed here at the shelter I am content and playful. I am a tad unsure about sharing a home with your two German Shepherds, but the White House is a big place so I am sure I will be fine.

The truth is I am ready for any forever family where I can continue to learn to be a house cat and not a street cat. I want to take care of my people and continue to learn about cuddling, purring and entertaining. Thus, if anyone reading this hijacked Pet Column is looking to give a young feline a second chance and happens to have a smaller house than the one on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, even a green or brown one, I would be great as a non-presidential cat too. Just call my staff (number below) and ask for Chuck-E.

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