Telluride Academy: Rejuvenation in Action; Support Kiddos Now!

Telluride Academy: Rejuvenation in Action; Support Kiddos Now!

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden,” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The following is a note from Telluride Academy director Luke Brown and his TA team asking for support for enrichment education in the Age of Corona.

Donate here  to “rejuvenation in action” and watch this video.

Never before has the value of community, empathy and rejuvenation been more important. Throughout our 40 years of programming we have worked hard to ensure that the experiences we create for our students are engendered with elements of inclusion, cooperation and renewal. We operate on foundational beliefs that through adversity, perceived risk and the unknown can come great personal growth and collective understanding. We believe deeply in the power of PLAY, the rejuvenation of NATURE and the joy that comes from being a part of a COMMUNITY.

In 2020, we had the opportunity to put these beliefs into action by overcoming an incredible amount of adversity and fear in an effort to support the community that we LOVE. Guided by our commitment to provide our students a space for healing, interaction and adventure, we quickly and creatively began restructuring our entire operation in March of this year. Through the support of our board of directors, numerous parent advisors, our seasonal instructors and a collection of courageous leaders within the outdoor and medical industries, we were able to safely run over 65 programs this summer. We established a productive space for young people to emerge from a challenging spring and engage in physical exploration, healthy conversations with peers and a lot of time spent OUTSIDE!

Throughout this entire process, our commitment to inclusion never waivered or diminished. Our outreach to regional families in need of quality childcare and support was never stronger. We awarded more full scholarships than in any moment in our history and strengthened our relationships with community advocates who helped us serve those who needed us the most. While our capacities were diminished and our programs were restricted in many ways, our outreach and support was not. As we look towards a still uncertain future, we are certain of one thing; we will be here for you, for your family, your neighbor and for any young person in need of a rejuvenation of spirit and the comradery of community.

Please consider joining us in these efforts through a financial contribution to our “Pandemic Positive” campaign. You can join our Membership program, our Trustee cooperative or make a donation of any amount that will be applied towards our continued efforts to get kids outside! Through our own extensive community, we believe we can end 2020 with a $0 deficit and emerge in 2021 prepared to continue our work of providing “Adventures for ALL”!

Thank you for believing in us,

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